New modular signal tower fully optimized

Signal tower Modul-Compete 50 - CT5 - Auer Signal

Signal tower Modul-Compete 50 - CT5 - Auer Signal

As the name suggests, the new Modul-Compete 50 (CT5) modular signal tower from Auer Signal is very competitive in price. The optimized signal tower CT5 has the same central contacts as the PC7, but has been developed exclusively for 24 V DC applications. For standard applications where high quality and an attractive price are required, the CT5 is the right choice. Read more about signal towers and signal pillars.

Features signal tower Modul-Compete 50 - CT5:

  • Modular Ø 50 mm signal tower for classic 24 V DC applications in industry
  • Up to 5 positions possible
  • Low pollution due to flat smooth design on the outside
  • Maximum availability of products due to the minimum number of items (only 23 order numbers)
  • Multifunctional LED modules and LED modules for continuous light in 6 colors
  • Efficient sound module up to 95 dB - 8 tones
  • Optimized 'resilient' bayonet system for high stability, even without sealing rings
  • Five-pole M12 base with an automatic connection through the push-in system
  • All common mounting types


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Led modules

The CT5 is based on a unique, patented contact via the printed circuit board and a flat design with no edges, grooves or recess.

This ensures that the signals are transmitted safely and that the modules can be produced in a cost-effective manner. Within the CT5 LED modules, the light signals are distributed evenly in all directions.

Intelligent interior design of the hood - Modul-Compete 50 - Auer Signal

Meets the requirements of modern industry

The CT5 modules are made from the usual high-quality polycarbonate. The high IP65 protection and a temperature range of -30°C to + 60°C meet all requirements of modern industrial applications.

Available modules

A multifunctional LED module, a LED module for continuous light and a sound module meet all requirements of modern standard industrial applications.

Multifunctional LED module

The LED multifunctional module of the CT5 is available in six colors and offers the following functions: continuous light, flashing light, strobe light and double strobe light functions. The individual functions are selected with two dip switches.

Top module - Modul-Compete 50 - CT5 - Auer Signal

Continuous light module

An independent LED module for continuous light, also available in six colors, is available for standard applications with a continuous light function.

8-tone piezo sound module

With the piezo sound module, one of the eight different tones can be selected with a dip switch. The noise level is a maximum of 95 dB (A) at a distance of one meter and can be lowered using a potentiometer. The sound module of the CT5 is always mounted on the top of the signal tower.

Mounting options

M12 base - CT5 - Auer Signal

The 5-pole M12 base of the CT5 M12 connection technology can be wired quickly and error-free. A maximum of four modules is possible when using the M12 base. The basic modules of the CT5 have a push-in connection and are suitable for all common mounting types such as vertical mounting, pipe mounting, external pipe mounting, vertical pipe mounting and pipe mounting with side cable entry.

Plastic tube base

The tube base with a new 100-mm-long plastic tube with an integrated plastic base is the standard tube assembly of the CT5. The tube lengths 250 and 400 mm are available with an aluminum tube and plastic base, just like with other signal towers.

Metal corners - Modul-Compete 50 - CT5 - Auer Signal

Two new mounting brackets

The CT5 offers two new metal mounting brackets. This makes it possible to mount an external cable from any direction on one side and at the same time to mount the CT5-M12 base vertically on the other.

A new bayonet system

The new intelligent bayonet system has three counter-springs. They ensure minimal tolerance and high stability. This allows the CT5 to be used, for example, in cold stores or at temperatures up to -40 ° without sealing rings.

The PC7, the CT5 or the Eco-Module?

Auer Signal’s flagship - the PC7 - is the right choice when a future-proof, powerful signal tower with many flexible options is needed. In contrast to the PC7 and the CT5, the standard Eco-Modul signal tower series is still equipped with classic contact with metal pins, but also offers a complete range of LED and spotlight technology in three sizes. Read more about the Modul-Perfect 70 - PC7 signal tower.