Unwanted downtime

  • Customer: The largest peanut butter producer in the Netherlands
  • Problem: unwanted machine downtime and waste because the sensor does not detect half-full peanut butter jars
  • By: Gijs Korf

Flying caps

As the largest peanut butter factory in the Netherlands, you want your machines to run without problems and continuously. The manufacturer used a photocell that could not handle the glass of a not completely filled jar. As a result, the cap closing machine positioned at the wrong time, resulting in many flying caps.

This resulted in unwanted machine downtime and wastage, causing the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) score to be low.

The lids of the peanut butter jars flew around.

Diffuse photocell

The peanut butter producer asked fortop to come up with a solution. We have replaced the photocell with a diffuse photocell from SensoPart. This photocell easily detects glass at both low and high speed (210 p / pm). It does not matter whether the glass is half or completely filled.

The improvement of the OEE has not yet been expressed in figures, but it looks like this will be positive. Both the engineers and operators of the factory are very satisfied with the solution.

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SensoPart F 25


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