Extreme circumstances require specific requirements

These days it is quite complicated to moor ships. Large ships are no longer moored at mooring posts, but with the help of movable anchoring hooks, which are controlled electronically.

Mooring systems that are operated via a foot pedal must meet special requirements. In addition to the very high mechanical load, the foot switches must be resistant to corrosion and resistant to seawater. A highly effective seal (IP66) is required so that no moisture can penetrate into the housing.


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Footswitches Offshore application - steute
Custom colour and aluminum housing

Custom colour and aluminum housing

A company uses foot switches for mooring large ships. A standard foot switch is not resistant to the extreme conditions in which work is being done. The footswitches would not last three months.

We sat down at the table and, together with the manufacturer, developed a modified foot switch: the steute GFSI. By using a different paint and aluminum, the foot pedal lasts considerably longer than the standard model.

The solution that we developed through good listening, knowledge transfer and collaboration proved to be a perfect addition to the range of support. The special has since been included in the standard range of steute.

Custom made adjustments:

  • connection space for cabling
  • stainless steel screws and shafts
  • corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • customer logo and colour
  • IP66


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The best solution for your situation

Fortop can respond to the situation like no other (because not one situation is the same). By listening carefully and thinking along, we jointly develop the best solution for the situation. Together with our suppliers, we develop custom-made products that fit better into the situation through a small adjustment. Consider, for example, a different colour or housing.


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