IO-Link communication on sensor level

What is IO link and what are the benefits?

In a world of increasing automation, sensors are more and more commonly used. In addition to the utilisation of sensors alone, they are deployed for increasingly complex tasks. To use the capacity of the sensor optimally, the IO link enables communication down to the lowest field level. This way communication between a centralised point and a sensor is facilitated.

Communication between sensors and actuators

IO link is the first standardised IO technology (IEC 6131-9) in the world for communication between sensors and actuators. The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the known 3-wire sensors and actuators without the need for extra cables. IO Link is a continued development of the known and tested connection technology for sensors and actuators (fieldbus).


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IO-Link communication on sensor level - SensoPart

Benefits of the SensoPart with IO Link

  • Diagnostic information on operating hours, switching cycles, hardware errors and the signal quality enable quick response and targeted maintenance, which prevents failure.
  • Additional functions such as on/off delay, pulse outlet, timer outlet and frequency protection enable optimal adjustment of the application.
  • Standardised communication technology enables fast and flawless signal transmission. Incorrect or incomplete measurements are impossible. It is even possible to adjust the sensor while the process is running.
  • Simple sensor parameter settings, for instance with SensoIO and quick replacement of sensors thanks to a connected IO Link master in which the latest parameter settings are saved.


What is IO-Link? IO-Link communication protocol

Measurement light curtain Micron with IO-Link - ReeR Safety

Measurement light curtain Micron with IO-Link

The ReeR Micron series measurement light curtain are designed for object detection, part counting, position determination, checking shape, profile or dimensions. To communicate this real-time data quickly and efficiently via an IO-Link master to a PLC, the Micron detection light curtain is now available with IO-Link.

Features of the light curtain detection with IO-Link:

  • Protected height: 150… 3000mm
  • Resolution: 10...30 mm
  • Connector: M12 5-pole
  • Temperature: -10 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Degree of protection: IP65 to IP67


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Distance sensor FT 55-RLAM with IO-Link

The FT 55-RLAM distance sensor can reliably detect distances on surfaces - from black to glossy - up to 1 meter. Equipped with an analogue output, two switching outputs, an IO-link interface and optional RS485 interface, the sensor offers extensive connectivity options.

LCD control screen with soft keys

In addition, the sensor is easy to operate, partly due to the large LCD control screen with soft keys. Read more about FT 55-RLAM distance sensor.


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Distance sensor FT 55-RLAM with IO-Link - SensoPart

FT 55 RLAM - Smart laser distance sensor with high precision

Distance sensors with IO link

FT 55-RLAP - Distance sensors

Distance sensors from SensoPart that work according to the time-of-flight-principle, measure distances up to 5 meter with the highest precision. They provide a signal - through an analogue outlet (4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V) or through an IO Link.

Additional switch outlet

The distance sensors have an additional switch outlet with switching range function, that can be adjusted independent from the analogue measuring range. The sensor can, for instance, be used for measuring the coil diameter, positioning of a robot or measuring filling levels and stacking heights.


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Distance sensor FT 55 RLAP - IO-Link - SensoPart
Colour sensor FT 55-CM with IO-Link - SensoPart

Colour sensors with IO-Link

FT 55-CM - Colour sensor

The wide scanning range - regardless the distance - in combination with the flexible colour detection function enables the sensor to be used with the application. The large integrated LCD display and the remote configuration via SensoVisual and IO Link set new standards in terms of user-friendliness and connectivity.

This sensor is particularly suitable for challenging colour detection and sorting tasks, for instance in the machine fabrication business and in the car, plastics, pharmaceutical or packing industry. Read more about FT 55-CM colour sensor. 


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Colour sensor FT 55-CM with unique internal distance correction - Remembers 12 colours

Optical sensor FT 55-RLHP2 | SensoPart

Optical sensors with IO-Link

FT 55-RLHP2 - Optical sensors

Optical sensors of type FT 55-RLHP2 with IO link are optionally available with one or two digital switch outlets and detect objects from long range (up to 5 m on white and up to 3 m on black). Target object detection is guaranteed, even with disruptive backgrounds, regardless of colour, shape, structure and alignment.

Time-of-flight sensors

Time-of-flight sensors are used to, among others, check the assembly of rubber and plastics components in the automobile industry, to monitor the occupancy of storage in high-bay warehouses or to check the position of spar.


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