Luminescence sensor for detection of fluorescent substances

Luminescence sensor FT 50 C-UV - SensoPart

Luminescence sensors or luminescence probes detect visible and invisible markings, which light up under UV light. Fluorescent materials and markings are recognized on any material regardless of pattern, color or surface quality.

Fluorescent fabrics and UV light

Luminescence sensors emit UV light with a wavelength of approx. 375 nm. Fluorescent materials convert UV light into visible light. The reflected light is received and analyzed by the sensor.

Fluorescent materials can be added to materials such as paper, paint, chalk, glue or lubricants. For example, paper contains substances that are illuminated by UV light and light (usually blue) that reflect to the sensor.

Area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of luminescence sensors

Examples of applications are the detection of labels on glass bottles, invisible object alignment markers for cutting cardboard, for example, in the production of drinking suits, and the presence of oils to which luminous materials have been added. 


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Luminescence sensor not sensitive high-reflective material

Small contrast or color differences between the printed mark and the object or uneven (e.g. rough, grained, or printed) object surfaces often cause problems for standard optical sensors. The luminescence sensor FT 50 C-UV from SensoPart detects luminescent materials in paper, oil or adhesives by using a UV diode. Due to the accurate, small light point, the luminescence sensor has a maximum positioning accuracy. The plug is rotatable for easy integration into technical installations and machines.

Detect invisibly

The luminescence sensor has a robust housing and is not sensitive to highly reflective material, such as glass or metal. UV diode is not visible to the normal eye. When brands on a product are intended to remain invisible, the luminescence sensor offers the solution.

Features luminescence sensor FT 50 C-UV:

  • Switching distance: 5 ... 50 mm
  • Output: PNP NO / NC
  • Connection: M12 5-pole connector
  • Protection degree: IP67