Cylindrical photocells and optical sensors

44 variants, almost every detection issue is solved

 F18-2 serie Cylindrical photocells and optical sensors | SensoPart

Sensors in a cylindrical housing offer several advantages compared to the cubic design: On the one hand they are very robust, on the other hand, they can be installed in a particularly simple and space-saving way, thanks to the integrated threading. And, they are also very economically priced.

The new F 18-2 series from SensoPart also offers all of these design-typical advantages, but exploits them even further. Thus, the sensors with a metric 18 mm thread are optionally available in a very stable full metal housing, where the plugs are also made of metal. Two additional housing bore holes and the extensive as well as sophisticated mounting accessories, provide the user with a broad variety of installation options.

Easy assembly in limited space

A further highlight feature of the new family of sensors is their extensive range of variants: A total of 44 product variants are available, including sensors with a straight or a light emission which is angled by 90° to the sensor axis, red light or infra-red LED, metal or plastic housing, M12 plug or 2m pigtail-cable, NPN or PNP-switching output and the usual variants of energetic scanners as well as one-way or reflective light barriers. For the latter option, the reflector is included in the scope of delivery.

The series F 18-2 is also able to convince with its technical specifications: Compared to the previous series, the sensors with 1 kHz frequency operate five times as fast, and also offer greater acquisition or respectively operating ranges. An extended operating temperature range (-25 to 55 °C) and an increased tightness (IP 67) round-off the successful introduction of the new SensoPart series.


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