Muting light curtain for import and export of products

A safety light curtain shields a hazardous area for people's access. When there is no access for persons, but the access for products must be available, a muting light curtain offers a perfect solution. With a muting light screen, access to a hazardous area is temporarily disabled (muting), allowing products to enter the hazardous area.

Setup of a muting light curtain

With a muting light curtain from ReeR Safety it is possible to safely import and export products in a T-arrangement. With an L-arrangement it is only possible to export products. If a person goes through the light screen, the machine will stop. In addition to T-arrangement and L-arrangement, it is also possible to apply muting in I-setup.

Features muting light curtain: 

  • Resolution of 30, 40 mm - 2, 3 and 4 rays
  • System with transmitter/receiver or passive reflector
  • Crossed rays 55 x 50 mm
  • Parallel rays
  • Protected height of 300 ... 2200 mm
  • Sealing IP65 and IP67
  • Temprature range -30°C up to + 55ºC



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Muting light curtain - ReeR Safety

Safegate muting light curtain for access control

Muting light curtain for finger detection (14 mm resolution)

Muting light curtains for finger detection have a resolution of 14 mm. Because of its penile depth, the muting light curtain with finger detection can be placed closer to the danger zone than hand protection and walk-in protection. The light curtain prevents people from getting their fingers into rotating parts of machines and becoming trapped. As soon as fingers are detected, the light curtain immediately activates the emergency stop. Read more about muting light curtain for finger detection.

Features muting light curtain for finger detection: 

  • Integrated muting function
  • Selectable manual or automatic reset
  • Integrated feedback input for external relay monitoring (EDM)
  • Protective heights from 310 mm to 1960 mm
  • Detection range from 0 to 3 m or from 1 to 6 m selectable via connection configuration


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Muting light curtain for finger detection (14 mm resolution) - ReeR Safety
Arms for muting light curtain - ReeR Safety

Muting light curtain and use of muting arms

Muting arms are quick and easy to assemble and are connected directly to the muting light screen via M12 connectors. The muting arms can be adjusted by the notch in the light curtain to the correct height and the correct detection angle.

Conform IEC TS 62046

The position of the built-in sensors of the muting arms conform to the IEC TS 62046 regulations so that the user can not make mistakes. With the standard muting arms it is possible to make a muting setup in L or T setup.


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Muting sensors for muting arm - Safety light screen

With the 5 beam muting sensors you have complete freedom in setting up a secure muting application. The 5 beam muting sensors are mounted in a robust aluminum arm so that they are mechanically protected. Position and angle can be adjusted if desired. The 5 beams guarantee proper detection in difficult applications such as muting a pallet with openings or products with interspace.

Transmitter, received or reflector muting sensor

The M5 muting sensors are available as a transmitter, receiver and as a reflector version and are connected directly to the muting light screen with M12 connectors. The entire top of the sensor is equipped with a multi-colored LED so that the status for an operator is always clearly visible.


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Beams light curtain - Muting light curtain - ReeR Safety

M5 muting sensors for muting safety light curtain - ReeR Safegate

Set yout muting application through software

The ReeR Safety Safegate muting light curtain series is available in three variants.

ReeR Safety Safegate SM

  • Hardware-configurable
  • No status lamp

ReeR Safety Safegate SMO

  • Hardware-configurable
  • Integrated status and muting lamp

ReeR Safety Safegate SMPO

  • Hardware and software configuration
  • Integrated status and muting lamp


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Status and muting lamp - Safegate - ReeR Safety
Status lamp on muting light curtain | ReeR


The muting lamp that is standard on the muting light screen in the SMO and SMPO series indicates the status of the muting application. For people around the muting application it is always clear whether problems occur.

Status display on muting light curtain

The status lamp of the SMO and SMPO series shows the state of the muting application. For people around the machine it is therefore immediately clear whether the muting is working properly. If an operator has to reset the light screen or operate the override button, this is immediately visible via this status lamp.



Partial muting of secured height

In the programmable variants of the Safegate, the secured height can also be partially muted.

This ensures a higher safety level when a pallet is stacked only low. After all, the operator could easily enter the machine over the low stacking because the security was switched off during the muting process. When the light curtain is partially switched off, the upper safety light beams remain active during the muting.


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Blanking function - Safety light curtain - ReeR Safety
Muting light curtain - Safegate - ReeR Safety

Muting light curtain connected with M12 connectors

The muting arms or sensors are connected to the Safegate light curtain via M12 connectors from ESCHA. The connectors on the light curtains are color coded to prevent errors during connection. The connections on the light curtain have a color coding so that it is always clear how a muting light curtain should be connected.

Color coding muting light curtain

The blue and red surrounded connector are connections for muting sensors, the muting lamp is connected to the green connector. The muting lamp shows the status of the muting process. The SMO and SMPO series are equipped as standard with a muting lamp. A connection is also made with a PC via the green connector. This is possible with the SMPO series.


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