Universal kWh meter UMG 804 - Janitza

Measuring a large number of small 16A, 32A or 63A groups in, for example, data centers, hospitals or office buildings often causes problems with regard to installation space and costs, certainly in existing installations.

Measuring small groups has never been easier!

Measure 96 times kWh with one device

Janitza sets a new standard with the UMG 804 to solve this problem. The UMG 804 can measure all relevant parameters of up to 96 groups. Both fixed and divisible current transformers can be connected via current transformer interface boards. The power transformer strip is the ideal solution for neatly building a new installation. The interface boards and/or the strips are connected via standard Ethernet cables. The UMG 804 is equipped with a double Ethernet port and has a built-in switch function.


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Components of the universal kWh meter UMG 804 - Janitza
CT interface boards UMG 804 - Janitza

Characteristics modular universal meter UMG 804

  • Measure 96 1-phase or 32 3-phase groups with one measuring device
  • All common parameters can be measured per group, such as kWh, current and voltage
  • Power transformer boards can be connected with standard Ethernet cables (maximum length: 30 meters)
  • Compact housing for DIN rail mounting
  • SD card with 32 GB memory
  • Accuracy class 0.5 for kWh
  • Depending on the type of current transformer, current measurements are possible from 16A to 1200A per channel
  • Voltage failure detection per current measuring channel

Benefits universal kWh meter UMG 804

  • Measure 96 channels
  • High accuracy for kWh (kWh class 0.5 including CT)
  • The smallest multichannel analyzer in the market (less than 16 cm), saving space and reducing costs
  • Fast assembly by using CT boards with standard Ethernet cables
  • Easy to integrate into networks through Ethernet connection with switch function
  • Web-based plug & play software available for visualization, reports and alarms
Dimensions UMG 804 - Janitza
Level measurement analyzer UMG 804 - Janitza

Applications UMG 804

  • Measuring energy distributors (PDUs) in data centers
  • Measuring server rooms (EIA) in for example office buildings, hospitals and schools
  • Measuring small lighting groups
  • Measuring small motor groups

Example application with solid core CT strip interface

Solid core CT strips are used for new installations. To meet the DIN dimensions of the installation machines, there are 2 types of CT strips, each with its own pitch; an 18mm x 18 CT strip and a 0.75 "(= 19mm) x 21 CT strip. In the example below, single-phase groups are measured with 2 CT strips.

1. Current transformers for the main measurement

2. strips with fixed current transformers for current measurements of 100A maximum

3. terminals for the main current transformers

4. Smart Port RJ45 connector to connect the solid core CT strips to the measuring unit

5. measuring unit suitable for a maximum of 4 CT strips and/or interface boards

6. standard Ethernet cables to connect the CT strips to the measuring unit via the Smart Ports

7. DIN rail that can be used to neatly mount the CT strips in the panel.

Example application with solid core CT strip interface - UMG 804 - Janitza
Schedule UMG 804 - Janitza

Power monitoring

The Janitza UMG 804 can be seamlessly integrated into existing GBS and ERP systems or energy management systems through the open Modbus TCP over IP or Modbus RTU over RS485 protocols. In combination with the fortop power monitoring system DCEM, the UMG 804 offers the following functions:

  • Visualization and storage of most relevant measurement values
  • Consumption manager per-flow channel or groups of channels
  • Alarm manager for overcurrent and power failure
  • Periodic usage reports with export function
  • Export of the most relevant measured values