UMG 96-PQ-L - the most compact power quality analyser of Janitza

Reliable, future-proof and modular

Whether kWh registration, fault recording, power quality analysis, ground fault current monitoring or temperature monitoring, the UMG 96-PQ-L from Janitza offers the right functions for every application. 

With its compact dimensions of 96x96mm and graphic colour display, all values and full-wave events are clearly displayed and analysed. Operation is simple and intuitive, thanks to the clear menu structure. Thanks to the clever memory arrangement, current and power data are retained for up to 15 years and high-resolution current quality measurements can be stored.

Another great advantage of the UMG 96-PQ-L is that it is very easy to install a fully-fledged power quality analyser, especially in existing installations or in installations with little space. The panel meter fits perfectly in the existing panel cut-out of 96x96mm analogue meters. 

Communication protocols

The Janitza meter is standard equipped with the Modbus RS485 protocol, but with the RCM-EL module the meter can be extended to TCP/IP. With this the meter can also serve as a master for 31 underlying slave meters, connection for a 4th transformer for the neutral conductor and permanent monitoring of the earth and differential currents is possible.


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UMG 96-PQ-L Power analyser - Janitza
Power Analyser UMG 96-PQ-L - Janitza

All the features of the UMG 96-PQ-L

 Voltage quality

Harmonic up to the 65th harmonic
► High sampling rate with 280 samples per period (full wave)
► Memory for 20ms effective values 20ms RMS waarde geheugen
► Events per full-wave


► Oscilloscope function
► Vectordiagram in display
► Memory bimetal-sweep hand function with date/time stamp
► Resetting bimetal drag indicator function via the display or remotely
► Visualisation of voltage dips and peaks

 Installation & integration

► Oscilloscopefunction
► Overvoltage category 600V CAT III
► Compact design - front panel cut-out of 96 x 96 mm
► Use in IT networks variant 52.36.005

 Energy management

► Identification of savings opportunities
Measuring accuracy actual consumption active energy class 0.2S
► Complies with legal and fiscal regulatory requirements


► Large memory
► Memory capacity up to 15 years. 23 measured values per 15 min + 8 measured values per hour
► Division of the memory into long-term memory, event memory and a triggerable high resolution PQ memory


► Temperature recording and monitoring via integrated comparator
► Ethernet interface to Modbus TCP gateway function
► Multi-function inputs for earth fault current measurement or DC power measurement
► Neutral measurement (I4 - current measurement)

 Outputs and Inputs

► 3 digital outputs
► 1 analogue output
► 3 digital inputs


► Client / Server
► TCP Gateway function
► Ethernet-interface
► RS485
► 5 simultaneous Modbus TCP connections


► 6-key operation via colour graphic display
► Intuitive operation
► Configuration directly via the display
► Customisable home screen
► Automatic return to home screen

Recording parameters

Numerous power quality parameters, such as dips, peaks and harmonics, can be recorded with the UMG 96-PQ-L. This enables a perfect insight into the historical data of the power quality. 

In the JA100420 and JA100422 variants, the UMG 96-PQ-L has no influence on the grid impedance and is therefore ideally suited for use in IT networks. 

In the Class S (IEC61000-4-30) variants, additional power quality parameters are available, such as flicker, inter-harmonic and additional event triggers. Activation of this functionality is also possible via a software update for the analysers that have already been delivered.

  • Harmonics up to the 65th harmonic
  • Voltage sags and peaks in full-wave RMS values with a resolution of 20 ms
  • 280 samples per full-wave
  • Recognition and recording of events such as undervoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent
  • Trigger via Modbus or digital input with 20s lead time and 20s lag time
  • Recording of event type, duration, deviation, date and RMS value
  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class S: Flicker, inter-harmonics and other standard-compliant measurements for EN 50160, IEC61000-2-4 and IEEE519.
Recording parameters with UMG 96 PQ-L - Janitza

Store: The special memory of the UMG 96-PQ-L

The UMG 96-PQ-L has 3 types of memory (different partitions), all according to the Class S standard. In the partitions up to 14 different measured value registration sets can be stored. 

Long-term memory

In the long-term memory (ring buffer), freely selectable measured values are stored periodically (e.g. every 5 or 10 minutes). The ring buffer is always active so that consumption, power and power quality are continuously recorded in accordance with the standard and are thus available for subsequent analysis and reporting. 

The high resolution memory

With the high resolution memory, we are able to store a larger set of measured values with a very small interval (up to 3s). Starting and stopping this high resolution memory can be done with an external trigger (Modbus register or contact) or internal trigger such as a limit value violation. With this function we put a kind of magnifying glass over the measured values. Useful for subsequent analysis of special events such as switching actions and testing emergency operation.

The event memory

In the event memory, the effective measured values (RMS) for voltage and current are stored with a resolution of 280 samples per period, if at least 20ms a limit value is exceeded. This allows known voltage dips and current peaks (in the event of a short circuit) to be recorded in detail and is guaranteed to be available forever.  

Visualise and analyse

Waveforms, harmonics and bimetal function can be displayed and analysed directly on the colour graphic display. Via the GridVis® visualisation software, you can analyse your data quickly and easily with tools such as a variety of web-based analysis tools.

For the configuration of the devices in offers GridVis® graphical and user-friendly configuration options.

  • Direct display of waveforms on the display (scope function)
  • Visualisation of drag indicator function with date and time stamp for the last maximum values on the display and in the GridVis® application
  • Overloads and peaks at a glance on the display
  • Fast and easy evaluation of dips and peaks via GridVis®.
  • Automatic generation of consumption, load and power quality reports with GridVis® report generator
Visualise and analyse - Janitza UMG 96 PQ L
Extension module UMG 96-PA-RMC-EL - Janitza

Expansion module for Janitza UMG 96-PQ-L

Properties expansion module:

  • 3 additional analogue inputs for temperature (1x) or RCM measurements (2x)
    Temperature input: PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84
    RCM input: 30mA rms | 0..20A | 4..20mA
  • Additional current transformer connection for measurement of ZERO currents (I4) ../1A or ../5A
  • Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet interface 10/100Base-T for modbus master and slave 

The extension module is also suitable for the UMG 96-PA universal meter.


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Power Analyser UMG 96-PQ-L - Janitza