RFID safety switches

Many different switches can be found in industrial installations. Since 2015, secure accesses to machines have to comply with the EN ISO 14119 standard. Every door, flap or protective cover requires its own construction, assembly and security. Safety sensors, also known as contactless safety switches, monitor the status of a door, flap or protective cover for safe access / switching.

RFID safety switch

RFID safety switches communicate on the basis of radio waves (Radio frequency identification) and are thus contactless. RFID switches are uniquely coded and can not be manipulated, which makes a high level of security possible. The transponder (transmitter) transmits a magnetic field to the receiver. The transmitted signal is received by the receiver, depending on the switching distance, and the safety switch is closed. ReeR Safety and Mechan Controls are specialists in the field of contactless switching.


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RFID Safety switch - RSS-Series - Mechan Controls
RGGS-SS Non-contact safety switches - Mechan Controls

Contactless RFID safety switch in stainless steel houding

The RSSG-SS RFID safety switches from Mechan Controls are housed in a polished stainless steel 316 housing and are therefore resistant to CIP and SIP cleaning. They are therefore suitable for use in the beverage, food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features RSSG-SS RFID safety switches:

  • Polished stainless steel 316 housing
  • 4 billion unique codes according to EN 14119
  • 10 mm switching distance with 5 mm tolerance
  • Multi-color LED indication
  • Protection class IP67 and IP69K


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RSSG-SS RFID safety switches (Stainless steel)

ODNK RFID Safety Switches - Mechan Controls

ODNK series RFID safety switches OSSD - PL-e

The ODNK series (uniquely coded RFID with 4 billion possible code combinations) from Mechan Controls are state-of-the-art OSSD safety switches. They use the latest safety technologies for maximum reliability and safety.

The non-contact switches are designed to operate standalone or can be connected to safety relays or safety controllers to fit perfectly into your safety system. Up to 30 O-Type switches can be connected in series while maintaining safety level PL-e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.


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RFID safety switches - ReeR Safety

Contactless safety switches from ReeR Safety work on the basis of Magnus RFID sensors. RFID sensors transmit uniquely encoded radio waves. The uniquely coded radio waves are difficult to imitate and ensure that the communication transfer is not sabotaged, something that is possible with magnetic sensors.

Monitoring of unexpected movement

Working with doors, fences, valves, etc. brings risks. What happens if someone unexpectedly opens one or more doors? With the ReeR Magnus RFID contactless sensors you are able to monitor the unexpected opening of doors, valves, fences, etc. The process is interrupted as soon as someone unexpectedly and unannounced opens a flap, fence or door. Read more about the Magnus RFID from ReeR Safety.


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Safety switch with RFID - Magnus - ReeR Safety
Magnus RFID safety switch - ReeR Safety

Features RFID Contactless safety switch

RFID safety switches from ReeR are unique safety sensors and have the following characteristics:

  • PTB / PV housing
  • Protection rating: IP67 / IP69K
  • Can not be manipulated according to EN 14119, highest class
  • Switching distance: 0.5 to 8 mm
  • Three coding levels: low, high, unique
  • Connection: M12 connector quick connect or cable
  • Contacts: 1 NO / 2 NC or 2 OSSD


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RFID safety switches - Mechan Controls

The RSS series safety switches from Mechan Controls are unique because they use volt-free contacts. You are not required to use relays or other safety components from Mechan Controls, but you can also connect the RSS series safety switches to the programmable safety relay from ReeR Safety.

The safety switches are individually coded and suitable for high security applications for securing machines. The RSS series is available with a IP69K seal rating for use in humid, heavy and dusty environments.

Volt-free contacts

Unlike other RFID switches on the market that use OSSD, the Mechan controls RSS series is unique because it uses voltage-free contacts, which means you are free to choose your safety relays.

The RSS series offers extra security by using 4,000,000,000 unique codes to safety category 4 according to safety standard EN 14119. Read more about Mechan RSS series.


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RFID safety switch - RSS-series - Mechan Controls
RSS-series RFID safety switches - Mechan Controls

Features RFID Contactless safety switch - Mechan Controls

RFID safety switches from Mechan Controls are unique safety sensors and have the following characteristics:

  • IP67 and IP69K seal
  • Housing: ABS filled with resin
  • 4,000,000,000 unique codes
  • EN 14119 type 4, high
  • Equipped with an LED monitoring indication
  • Volt-free / voltage-free contacts


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