Safety light curtains - Safety Barriers

Safety for man and machine

A safety light curtain prevents unauthorized access of individuals to areas and/or machines. A safety light curtain consists of at least two components, a transmitter and a receiver. It is possible to connect several safety light curtains to each other forming a master/slave setup (cascade).

Preventing dangerous situations

The emitter transmits signals that the receiver registers. If this signal is interrupted, the system shuts down, preventing a dangerous situation. The range of protected heights extends from 160 mm to 2260 mm.

Different beam distances

In a set of safety light curtains, the emitter sends multiple signals to the receiver. The available distance between the beams are 14, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 90 mm. The beam distance depends on the application. With a low beam distance, it is possible to use finger protection, with walk-in protection a greater resolutions of beam distance are required. ReeR Safety safety light barriers are available in safety type 2 and safety type 4 and can be used in a safety system with the use of a safety PLC.


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Safety light curtain - Light barriers - ReeR Safety
EOS4 and EOS2 safety light curtains - ReeR Safety

Safety light curtain - Type 2 and type 4

ReeR EOS4 safety light curtain

Safety light curtain ReeR EOS4 is a compact light curtain with safety level SIL3, SILCL3, PL e and Cat. 4. The ReeR EOS4 series consists models with integrated safety functions, including control of outputs, and control of external switching contacts (EDM) and automatic manual restart. By using a master/salve setup, more than two light curtains can be connected to each other.

  • Type 4 according to EN 61496-1; IEC 61496-2
  • SIL 3 according to IEC 61508
  • SILCL according to IEC 62061
  • PL e - Cat. 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1

The light curtain is provided with an LED indication with which the status is indicated. On receivers with 14mm beam distance and H-models, a blue LED indicates when the signal is too weak. View ReeR EOS4 safety light curtain.

The Mosaic safety PLC from ReeR Safety is ideally suited for use as EDM (External Device Monitoring).

ReeR EOS2 safety light curtain

Safety light curtain ReeR EOS2 includes models with integrated safety functions, including control of outputs, external switching contacts (EDM) and automatic/manual selectable restart and complies with safety levels:

  • Type 2 according to EN 61496-1; IEC 61496-2
  • SIL 1 according to IEC 61508
  • SILCL 1 in accordance with IEC 62061
  • PL c - Cat. 2 according to EN ISO 13849-1

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Watertight, ATEX and heated safety light curtains

Waterproof and watertight safety light curtains

For applications that require to be cleaned under high pressure, ReeR offers a solution with waterproof light curtains with IP69K housing. The light curtains are resistant to water and steam. View waterproof and watertight light curtains.

Heated safety light curtains

Light curtains are applicable for outdoor use as well. In addition to requiring watertightness, the impact of condensation on the operation of the light curtain is significant. Introducing a heated light curtain solves this issue. By incorporating a heating element, condensation within the watertight housing is eliminated, rendering it suitable for outdoor applications. View heated light curtains.

ATEX safety light curtains

Finding it challenging to protect an ATEX application? ReeR have developed an explosion proof light curtain for your requirements. ATEX light curtains are suitable for Atex zone 2 and Atex zone 22. View ATEX light curtains.

Light screen for welding applications

Sparks generated during welding processes can disrupt the functionality of a light barrier within welding applications. To address this concern, ReeR has developed a protective cap designed specifically for light screens. By placing this cover over the light screen, it enhances its resistance to welding sparks.


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Atex light curtain waterproof and watertight light curtain - ReeR Safety

Safety light curtain ReeR EOS2 & EOS4

Different security light barriers

With a light curtain it is possible to protect people and machines against dangerous situations. It is possible to protect people against a number of occurring situations.

Safety light curtain for finger protection

A light curtain for finger protection is always a type 4 light curtain and has a beam distance of 14 mm. View light curtain for finger protection.

Safety light curtain for hand protection

A light curtain for hand protection can be a type 2 or type 4 light curtain and has a beam distance between 20 and 40 mm. View light curtain for hand protection.

Safety light curtain for body protection

A light curtain for body protection can be a type 2 or type 4 light curtain and has a beam distance between 40 and 90 mm. View light curtain for body protection.

Safety light curtain for walk-in protection

A light curtain for walk-in protection consists of two, three or four beams and can be a safety type 2 or safety type 4 light curtain. The resolution distance depends on the chosen height and the number of beams. View light curtain for walk-in protection.

Hand protection, finger protection, body protection Safety light curtain - ReeR Safety
Safety light curtain for long distances and outdoor - Admiral - ReeR Safety

Safety light curtains for outdoor and long distances (80m)

ReeR Safety Admiral

ReeR Safety Admiral safety light curtain has a safety level Type 4, SILCL3, PL e, Cat. 4 and has models with a maximum range of up to 80 meters. A long-distance light curtains for outdoor use is equipped with a heating module and the light curtains are watertight so condensation can not form.

Dual beam safety light curtain

The most suitable light curtain for outdoor applications is the 'dual beam' light curtain. One beam is sent by two beams. If one of the two dual beams is interrupted by, for example, a water drip, this does not cause any problems. Only when both beams are interrupted, this will be detected.

Heating module

The Admiral AX WT/WTH are light screens for long distance in the open air, with or without an integrated heating module. The light curtains are watertight, so that no condensation can form and are resistant to high-pressure cleaning up to 40 bar. View heated light screens from the Admiral series.


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What is blanking at a safety light curtain?

The Admiral AX BK models are equipped with a blanking function. In machines or installations with moving parts where a light barrier is interrupted by moving parts, it is possible that at least one beam is interrupted. A blanking function is used to ensure that a light barrier does not respond to this.

Blanking function

With this function, the light screen accepts that a number of consecutive rays are interrupted. Only when the interruption of more than the preset number of (successive) rays is interrupted does the light screen respond. The user can pre-set which rays can be interrupted, without switching the machine or robot application to the safe position. The rays do not necessarily have to be consecutive. You can configure this yourself.


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Blanking safety light curtain - ReeR Safety

Safety light curtain with muting and blanking function

Safety light curtain for muting

Safegate - Light barrier

ReeR Safety Safegate is a safety light curtain, especially for muting applications. The Safegate series consists of light curtain who can be configurated. The Safegate SMPO series can be adjusted to your wishes using Safegate configuration software (SCS). You can save the relevant configuration and then simply copy it to a new arrangement of your light curtains. Read more about muting light curtains.

Two example applications where the muting function of a light screen offers the perfect solution:

  • Give employees access to the protected area during the non-hazardous part of the machine cycle.
  • Allow import and export of products (eg pallets), but prevent access for employees.


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Muting safety light curtain - Safegate - ReeR Safety
Measurement light curtain - Micron - ReeR Safety

Light curtain for measurement (non-safety)

ReeR Safety micron detection light curtain

ReeR Safety Micron is a light curtain for detection and measurement of objects. Depending on the number of beams available, a measurement light curtain can transmit real-time information to a PLC or PC. Detection light curtains can detect the number of passed objects, detect position, detect shape or profile and measure dimensions. Read more about ReeR Safety Micron detection light curtains.


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Safety light barrier with mirror

By using a light curtain with a mirror, a long distance can be bridged with only one set of light curtains. Normally you are forced to use two sets of safety light curtains. By using a mirror, the beams can be guided around an angle.

By using a passive mirror, the mirror reflects the beams. The beams are then received by the transmitter so a light curtain with a passive mirror only consists of a transmitter and a passive mirror. You save the receiving light curtain (receiver). Cost saving is an advantage here, but it is especially suitable when there is no room for mounting the receiver or space for wiring in the machine or installation.


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Mirror for safety light curtain - ReeR Safety
Safety light curtain internal monitoring external monitoring - ReeR Safety

Safety light curtains with internal monitoring or external monitoring

Safety light curtain with internal monitoring
A safety light curtain with internal mornings is equipped with safety contacts (EDM). The safety contacts ensure safe operation of the light curtain and ensure safe operation. Because the safety contacts are part of the light curtain, you do not need to use an additional safety relay.

Safety light curtain with external monitoring
With a safety light curtain with external monitoring, you are always obliged to use an additional safety relay with safety contacts. In many cases, a ReeR Safety AD SR 1 or ReeR Safety Mosaic safety PLC is used.

Mounting and cabling for safety light curtain

A transmitter and receiver of a safety light curtain must always be connected separately. ESCHA cabling has connectors and cables with a loose end with which light curtains can be connected. View cables for light curtains.

Mounting of safety light curtains
A safety light curtain can be mounted in different ways. In many cases, there is space in a machine or installation to mount light curtains, but this can not always be as simple as it seems. Vibrations can cause unclear defects of a light curtain. Especially for this, ReeR has mounting brackets that reduce vibration. View mounting for light curtains.

With a mirror, it is possible to bridge a difficult angle with a light curtain. It is also possible to use mounting brackets so that a light curtain is mounted at an angle of 90 degrees.

Safety light curtain for welding applications
Welding sparks within a welding application can cause problems for the operation of light curtains. Especially for this, ReeR has developed a protective cap for light curtains. The protective cap is placed over the light curtain so that the light curtain is resistant to welding sparks.


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Safety light curtain connectors and mounting - ESCHA
Safety PLC - Safety Controller Mosaic - ReeR Safety

Safety PLC Mosaic - ReeR Safety

Set up your safety system yourself with the safety PLC ReeR Safety Mosaic. The Mosaic series consists of different modules, each with its own function. You are not forced to purchase an expensive package. You put together your own safety system based on the different modules. The security system can be configured using the supplied software. By means of 'drag and drop software' you make an overview of your situation. With the help of the Mosaic memory card you can easily transfer your configuration to a new setup. Setting up a safety system not only has the advantage that it is modular and can be built to your own preferences, you can also incorporate multiple parts within your machine or installation into your safety system. Read more about safety PLC's and safety controllers.

The different modules have the following functions:

  • Main module ReeR Mosaic M1
  • Safety PLC
  • Speed monitoring
  • Data communication
  • Extra inputs
  • Extra outputs

Application example safety light curtains and safety PLC
In this application example, the trucks drive in and out of the secured situation. Light curtains, closed and secure entrance doors, moving robot cells and emergency stop buttons are used. The situation is discussed beforehand and then it is explained how a safety system is set up with the help of the safety PLC ReeR mosaic. Read the application example.


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Mounting brackets for safety light curtains

The SFB mounting brackets from ReeR are adjustable mounting brackets. The two plastic brackets make it possible to accurately adjust the position of the light curtain horizontally and vertically. The circular clamps ensure that the light curtain can rotate along the longitudinal axis.


In order to perform the rotation, the upper and lower clamps, which are fixed with M4x10 screws, must be loosened. As soon as the clamps are loose, the desired rotation can take place. If the light curtain is positioned at the desired location, the clamps must be reattached


The SFB adjustable / rotatable mounting brackets are suitable for Admiral, Vision and Metron light screens. For EOS light curtains there are SFB-E mounting brackets with 4 or 6 pieces, depending on the height of the safety light curtains, SFB E-180 and SFB FAST. For Safegate light screens there are the SFB-SG (4/6) mounting brackets. For Janus light screens there are the SFB 4J mounting brackets.


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Mounting brackets for safety light curtains - ReeR Safety