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Lika Electronic designs and manufactures rotary optical kit encoders for direct integration in robotic systems (e.g. surgical and diagnostic robots), cobots, robotic joints, servo motors, direct drive torque motors, as well as in UAVs/drones, electromedical devices, and a many motion control systems.

Rotary optical kit encoders are designed in various sizes and shapes and offer a wide choice of customisable specifications and technologies to meet special requirements.

Frameless and bearingless

Kit encoders are frameless and bearingless and excel in compact size, low profile, minimal weight. Optical technology enables high resolution and fine accuracy for highly accurate and safe control of motion, rotation and positioning. Non-contact operation reduces machine downtime and maintenance.


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AMM5B optical kit encoder - Lika Electronic
Absolute kit encoder - AMM80 - Lika Electronic

Absolute kit encoder - AMM80

AMM80 is compact, slim and frameless and has a large hollow shaft suitable for diameters up to 45 mm/1.771". The absolute kit encoder can be installed easily and quickly thanks to the guide flange or the two precision pins and requires no calibration.

Speed feedback and interpolation

The absolute kit encoder provides position feedback via SSI, BiSS and RS-485 interfaces and can be either singleturn or multiturn. Resolution is up to 23 bit singleturn and 16 bit multiturn, accuracy is ±0.010°. An additional incremental track provides 1,024 Sine/Cosine 1Vpp signals for velocity feedback and interpolation.


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AMM5B - Kit encoder with large hollow shaft and SSI

The AMM5B comes in a very compact and flat frameless housing (thickness less than 15 mm / 0.59") and is ideally suited for installation in tight spaces. The hollow shaft offers a large internal diameter (24 mm / 0.945" due to the hollow bore) and enables non-contact mechanics without integral bearings, and is thus insensitive to wear, friction, fatigue and mechanical stresses.

Both singleturn and multiturn

The AMM5B encoder can be either singleturn or multiturn. The singleturn resolution can be 17 to 23 bits. In multiturn versions, the number of revolutions is 65,536. The absolute kit encoder offers SSI, BiSS and RS-485 interfaces and adds sine/cosine 1Vpp signals for speed feedback (512 sinusoidal signals per revolution).


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AMM5B - Kit encoder with large hollow shaft and SSI - Lika Electronic
AMM36 kit encoder with speed feedback - Lika Electronic

AMM36 kit encoder with speed feedback

The AMM36 combines high resolution and precision with compact dimensions and minimal weight. It is perfect, for example, for the smallest robot joints and for rotary end effectors. It has a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of 18 mm; its weight is less than 20 g. oz. It can be installed on axes 6 mm / 0.236" in diameter and requires no calibration procedure.

SSI, BiSS and RS-485 interfaces

The AMM36 is available in singleturn and multiturn versions. It offers singleturn resolution up to 22 bits and up to 65,536 revolutions and provides position information via SSI, BiSS and RS-485 interfaces. The absolute kit encoder also produces additional sine/cosine 1Vpp signals (256 sinusoidal signals per revolution) for speed feedback.


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AMM33 kit encoder for robot applications

The AMM33 is perfect for motors and robot applications thanks to its integrated Energy Harvesting Technology and wide temperature range (-40°C +115°C / -40°F +239°F). It is very compact, lightweight (~22 g / ~0.77 oz), bearing-free design and can be easily integrated into applications in tight and confined spaces where weight reduction is a primary concern. The outer diameter is 33 mm and the blind hollow shaft is 6 mm / 0.236".

The AMM33 is absolute and multi-turn and can be equipped with SSI and BiSS interfaces. Singleturn resolution up to 18 bits, number of revolutions up to 24 bits. Thanks to Energy Harvesting Technology, the multiturn tracking is battery- and gearless, allowing the encoder to be even lighter and more compact and reduces the risk of mechanical problems

Lika Electronic has years of experience in the field of encoders and position measurement and can develop customer-specific solutions that meet individual needs with regard to size, shape, shaft diameter, resolution, interface, connection and operating environment. Read more about absolute and incremental encoders.


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AMM33 kit encoder for robotic applications - Lika Electronic
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Thanks to its technical knowledge and expertise in providing specific customer solutions, Lika Electronic has become one of the leading manufacturers of optical encoders and magnetic measurement systems worldwide.

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