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The QG series of inclination sensors from DIS Sensors measures angles in 1 or 2 axes. These products are based on robust MEMS technology, in which capacitance differences can be converted into an analogue voltage within a micro-mechanical sensor chip. This analogue voltage is proportional to the angle to which the sensor is exposed. The modular design makes it easy to adapt the sensors to specific requirements.

Accurate positioning or constant monitoring

An inclination sensor is used in situations where accurate positioning or constant monitoring of the angle in relation to gravitational pull is essential. An inclination sensor measures the angle with respect to a horizontal position, whereby an imaginary line from the centre of the earth serves as a reference. 


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Inclination sensor QG65-series - DIS Sensors

Dynamic Inclinometer - DIS sensors

Inclinometers - Easy to assemble

An inclination sensor has a very wide range of applications since it can be mounted anywhere and offers flexibility in mechanical design. The sensor output has two components: a static (slope) component and a dynamic (acceleration) component. The sensor output is always a combination of these two components.The inclination sensors from DIS have a standard bandwidth of 10 Hz, although it is possible to reduce this bandwidth further at the client’s request.

Applications inclination sensors

Inclinometers are used for various applications, for example as a level sensor for a car with air suspension or (tilted) position of a construction crane or forklift truck, in agricultural machinery, but also in shipping (roll and pitch measurements), for leveling platforms, and for angle monitoring of multi-part expansion arms such as concrete pumps and weighing applications at an angle are very useful for slope meters.

The housing of the inclinometer

Many of the sensors in our QG series have a unique plastic universal housing concept, called QUADRO®. The advantage of this is the very compact size, the simple assembly and the fact that the electronics are fully molded in so that a high seal (IP67) is achieved. The housing is also available in metal (aluminum and stainless steel).


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QG65CM inclination sensors - DIS Sensors

Features QG65-series inclination switch

  • Safety level SIL 2 PLd conform to ISO 13849
  • CANopen safety communication
  • Built in redundency
  • Available in reinforced plastic or stainless steel housing
  • Standard 1x M12 terminal (IP67) or cable exit gland (IP68). 2x M12 terminal available for looped network design.
  • Protection standard: IP67 
  • Housing: plastic

SIL2 PLd sensors - DIS Sensors