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Over the course of 25 years, DIS Sensors has built up a reputation in the field of high-quality sensor technology. DIS Sensors develops and produces sensors, control systems and customized electronics for various applications. 

Product range DIS Sensors

DIS Sensors offers a wide range of sensors for measuring inclination, vibration and acceleration as well as rotary encoders and inductive proximity sensors.
DIS sensors also provides systems for adjustable furniture (home automation), medical devices and caravan movers. These systems are available as standard products, but can also be fully customized.

Besides parts, we can also offer complete solutions including the design and production of mechanical and control systems.


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Inclination sensors - QG65 - DIS Sensors

DIS Sensors - Inclination sensors

Increasingly stringent regulations are forcing a wider range of equipment and devices to comply with the safety levels SIL2 (as per IEC 62061) and PLd (as per ISO 13489). This means using components that have been certified to at least this safety level.

CANopen safety sensors

DIS Sensors recognizes this need and has extended the QG series of sensors with CANopen safety sensors with built-in redundancy for safety-critical applications. The new certification applies to QG series inclinometers and accelerometers. Read more about inclination sensors


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Tilt switch - QC40 - DIS Sensors

DIS Sensors - Tilt switches

A tilt switch is a type of switch that switches at a certain angle as compared to the horizon (similar to the old mercury switch). It is in fact an inclinometer with a switching output. Since gravity serves as a reference (same as for inclinometers) and because of the possibility to mount the sensor anywhere, maximum mounting freedom is achieved. Read more about tilt switches


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Rotary encoders - QR series - DIS Sensors

The QR series of rotary encoders enable contact-free measurement of an angular displacement from 0° to 360° without a mechanical stop. Two types of housing are available. The QR30 housing, where the sensor and magnet are mounted separately from each other, and the QR40 housing, where the magnet is integrated into the rotating shaft in the housing. QR30(N). Read more about rotary encoders


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Rotary encoder QR30 - DIS Sensors