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Ilme creates connectivity

ILME stands for high-quality connectors and components for industrial, engineering and event technology. To engage with users over the world ideas are made. they are able to optimize existing solutions to new connector components. ILME is one of the innovative, targeted manufacturers of electromechanical connection technology of the future.

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Ilme Squich

Your screwdriver can remain in the toolbox, regarding to Ilme. Mounting multi cables to a connector can be done quickly and without tools. Using Ilmes Squich a multi-connector can be assembled much faster and easier. The smooth control wiring is common ground put with a snap-in mounting.

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Safe and fast connection of current transformers

When current passes through a current transformer, it should be shorted. With the new patented short-circuit connectors ILME you do can do this in a quick and safe manner.

Because a current transformer behaves as a pure current source, it is necessary to conclude if this short is unloaded. After all, a current will generate a theoretically infinitely high voltage due to the infinite high resistance that occurs over the clamps.

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T-type for extreme conditions

The isolated T-type housings of Ilme are made of synthetic thermoplastic material. They are anti-static and mechanically resistant. This makes them resistant to (most) chemical products for industrial purposes, including salt and the most common cleaning products. This makes the series T-type suitable for use in harsh environments such as offshore and the food industry.

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ILME industrial connectors: a modular system suitable for every application

A large number of housings of the connectors of Ilme industry are available with different combinations of materials, each suitable for a specific application: normal ambient conditions, high temperature environments, corrosive environments and environments that require electromagnetic compatibility...

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