Three-pole or four-pole industrial connector (10A, 400W, 4KV)

ILME added a new version to the 21*21mm connectors. The CKSH is the first industrial connector in this series that is equipped with the ILME Squich principle. Read more about ILME Squich.


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CKSH compact industrial connector | ILMESquich principle

With Squich, screws do no longer have to be tightened and provided with ferrules. A cable is stripped and placed in the connector. The cable is gripped by a spring clamp inside the casing. The connector is more robust and can better endure vibrations and connecting and disconnecting of the connectors.

With ILME Squich cables can be connected to a connector without the use of tools. A connector with a Squich connection can be fitted 50% quicker in comparison to one without Squich.

CKSH connecting plug from the top | ILMEAssembly from the top

Connecting the plug can be done from the top with the CKSH with Squich. In many connectors, this is only possible from the side. The benefit of vertical assembly of the connector is that the connector is more space efficient.

Unique coding connectors | ILMEUnique coding

If you are using four connectors in one application, it can occur that the wrong connectors are connected. To prevent this situation, you can provide your connector with a unique coding (see figure). You set the coding pins uniquely for each connector. This way you create a unique coding for each connector, male or female.

Measuring points

The ILME CKSH with Squich is provided with measuring points at every outlet. Since the cables can be connected from the top, the measuring points are located next to the connections.