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Burden of failure and dropouts? Want to reduce the reactive power to reduce costs or want to reduce the risk of failure? Our power quality solutions delivers fortop solutions and we can help you with commissioning and maintenance of cos phi compensation cabinets, active filters or systems for peak-shaving.


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Active dynamic filtering

With the increase of electronic loads as variable speed drives, power supplies and LED lighting creates increasing harmonic pollution. Harmonic pollution causes additional reactive power. With active dynamic filters (ADF), the reactive power is caused by harmonics and to compensate for the phase shift between voltage and current.

Power Quality Check

In a world full of electronics a good voltage quality is very important. Electronics caused by its non-linear behavior stream pollution that adversely affect the voltage quality. At the same time the same equipment is increasingly sensitive to the pollution caused by the part itself. Fluctuations in the mains voltage (under voltage, voltage dips) have a much greater impact on the operation of equipment than before. Power Quality problems can therefore result in short or long term to substantial costs.

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Reactive power compensation

When an alternating voltage is put on an inductive load, create two capacities: the real and reactive power. This also results in two streams: one stream which is pure ohmic (active current) and a reactive current. The stream is thus "out of phase" of the voltage drawn. The size of the phase shift between voltage and current determines which power factor which is also called the power factor. The power factor can be reduced by reactive power compensation (cos phi improvement).

Dynamic reactive power compensation

Reactive power compensation with filter 5th and 7th harmonics.

  • By reducing reactive power reduces the load on the system
  • Lower energy bills by less kWh losses in cables and pipes
  • Improvements in overall power quality (reduction THD-U)
Blind current reduction | Active dynamic filter | Comsys

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