Stackable and modular signal lights

Q-&A-series signal lamps | Auer Signal

The Auer Signal Q- & A series multitone sirens have been supplemented with a new type. Type '4' (because the fourth in the series) is the largest signaling device in the cube-shaped series. The dimensions of these stackable modules is 228 x 228 mm and is available in six colors. The maximum loudness (A-series) is 127dB and is therefore very suitable for environments with a lot of noise. Read more about signal lamps.

Stackable units

Because the units are stackable, combining lamps and sirens is possible. It is also possible to combine the small built-in buzzers from the Auer range. So you build the siren as you wish it. The impact-resistant polycarbonate housing provides an IP66 protection class. This allows the signaling device to be used in a large number of applications. Read more about signal towers and signal pillars.

Features Q- & A-Series modular signal lamps:

  • Stackable cube casings
  • High performance LED
  • 127dB multitone siren
  • IP66 sealing
  • UL certified

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