Modular safety edge system for door and gate applications

Safety Edge ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart AccessExpertLine – BBC Bircher Smart Access

ExpertLine is the new generation of safety edges from BBC Bircher Smart Access for door and gate applications. In the ExpertLine all important functions for safety lists are combined in one product line.

Operation of the safety list

A safety edge on an automatic door or gate prevents people from getting injured or damage to vehicles. Safety lists must respond early to people or objects. They must also be able to deform so that no damage or injury occurs before the movement stops. The safety switch lists of the ExpertLine from BBC Bircher Smart Access are designed to respond quickly and follow a maximum trajectory in the event of light distortion. Read more about switch strips and safety edges.


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Mounting profile of the safety edge

The safety edges of the ExpertLine have a completely covered mounting profile so that they can be unobtrusively integrated into high-quality door and gate designs. The highly resistant material EPDM retains its mechanical-technical properties for many years and is color-fast.

Features ExpertLine safety edge: 

  • High sensitivity and limited response time
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Optimal integration in the design of the door or gate

Benefits of ExpertLine safety edges

Very sensitive

Thanks to an innovative profile cross-section, the ExpertLine switch strips respond even at a low load. ExpertLine profiles have large activation surfaces and angles, which is necessary for folding doors, for example.

Quick assembly

Thanks to the innovative system structure, mounting the ExpertLine safety profiles takes hardly any time. The new contact end forms contact in the arc chamber of the profile and the trigger-safe connectors make wiring a breeze. The coated profile base ensures that mounting the contact profile in the aluminum profile is a quick and effortless process.

Discrete integration

The large trajectory allows the selection of the smallest possible profile height for each application. The ExpertLine profiles completely cover the aluminum profile. This allows ExpertLine to be unobtrusively integrated into high-quality doors and gate designs.

Suitable for rotating doors and double folding gates

Safety edge ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart AccessThanks to a short switching distance of 3 mm and a cleverly designed cross-section, the ExpertLine safety profiles switch at a force of approximately 35 N. The long, smooth overflow provided by the edges minimizes the impact time of the force passed through the door or gate panel is being produced. The large areas of activation and angles offer good protection for the contact profiles, even with the lateral operation. This gives ExpertLine a major advantage in applications involving rotating door leaves of folding doors or double-folding doors.


Standard, as a package or customized

The SwitchLists from ExpertLine are available in various options: ready to use, as a kit with an average length of 2 m or as a modular system for easy do-it-yourself installation.

New accessories

Profile height - Safety list ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart Access

ExpertLine has three safety edge profiles of different heights (49 mm, 74 mm and 99 mm), with matching end caps. New in the range are a new contact end piece, an improved aluminum rail, a terminating resistor connector, and connection and extension cables.

Thanks to the high sensitivity, ExpertLine can record a relatively low profile height. The profiles cover the aluminum rail and the end cap closes the detection profile at both ends, allowing ExpertLine to unobtrusively integrate into the application. The material used for the range, EPDM, retains its technical and color-fast properties for many years. Because the new generation of edges also meets the criteria of protection class IP67, ExpertLine is perfectly resistant to mechanical loads, moisture and changing weather conditions within a temperature range of -20 ° C to 60 ° C.


Terrain sliding gate

Vertical door

Fast folding door


Terrain sliding gate with safety frame - ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart Access Vertical door with safety frame - ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart Access Quick folding gate with safety frame - ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart Access 
In case of service - with safety list - ExpertLine - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Solution Solution Solution Solution

In addition to the main closing edge, several secondary closing edges must be provided on the sliding gate.

The quick assembly - without tools - and the wiring with plug connections ensure a quick assembly.

Thanks to their high sensitivity, the switch strips from ExpertLine can be reliably attached to the main closing edge. The long trajectory makes it possible to use smaller profile heights. ExpertLine meets the IP67 requirements.
Gate wings of the quick folding gates do not move in a straight line. They rotate up to 90 degrees around their longitudinal axis during the closing movement. The safety strips are therefore also activated laterally. Thanks to the large and effective activation surface and angles, ExpertLine also works under these conditions.
Thanks to cable connections that can be plugged in, ExpertLine makes a quick and easy installation possible. This offers major benefits when servicing the (folding) door.