Monitoring vibration and shock levels of heavy industrial applications

IXD accelerometer - Lika

XD-versnellingsmeter - LikaFor machines where accurate monitoring of G-forces, vibration and shock levels is required, Lika IXD accelerometers can be used. These accelerometers are suitable for both 2- and 3-dimensional measurement in different ranges of ±2g, ±3g and ±16g.

Heavy industrial applications

Typically, acceleration sensors are used in heavy industrial applications. IXD sensors are compact, robust and with an IP67 protection rating. They are designed with a sturdy metal housing. The electronics are protected by a coating (resin), so mechanical and thermal shock, vibration and moisture are not a problem. Moreover, the accelerometers can be used in environments with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Features IXD acceleration sensors:

  • Versions for 2 or 3 axes
  • Measuring range of ±2g, ±3g and ±16g
  • Analogue outputs


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Application areas IXD acceleration sensors

Thanks to the compact and robust housing and IP67 protection, the sensors offer reliable operation in rough, difficult and harsh conditions. In addition, the acceleration sensors feature self-checking. This allows the user to check the operation of the sensor in the final application. The 2-axis model is equipped with safety limit switches on each axis (X and Y) that have a switching threshold of ±0.25g.

These sensors provide an analogue output signal (e.g. 0.25 V for -2 g ÷ 9.75 V for + 2 g) with a bandwidth of 50 Hz to 500 Hz. These X, Y and optionally Z values are tuned with an operational amplifier and can be processed by Bessel filters to avoid unwanted frequencies (5 Hz ripple).

Acceleration sensors are mainly used for purposes where the perception of vibration and shock is important for safety. Excessive shock or vibration can result in damage to the installation or shortened lifetime. IXD acceleration sensors are applicable in wind turbines and gantry cranes to monitor and prevent dangerous vibration levels. They are also ideal in safety prediction systems of all types of industrial machinery and equipment to protect them from exceeding critical vibration levels.