Beta operator module | JAY

Beta operator module | JAY

The Beta operator module from JAY adapts to your application to make your process more efficient. This easy-to-use handheld module gives you incomparable freedom of movement, precise quality manoeuvres, and higher productivity while ensuring your operators' safety.

Features beta operator module:

  • Configurable, intelligent bi-directional radio link to exchange information while adapting to the radio environment
  • User-friendly screen for look-up, selection, validation, configuration
  • Compact, easy-to handle casing for one-hand control
  • Quick and easy setup for application configuration thanks to iDialog software (labels, feedback, alarms, mapping actuators/outputs, interlocks, network features, access by PIN codes)
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its diagnostic aid system (information on screen, iDialog analysis software)
  • 2 charging modes possible (on 6 + 4 model):
  • Rugged industrial charger for operator
  • Rugged industrial charger for battery

These operator modules work with Elio, Alto, Timo transceivers to be defined according the application.


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