Loop detection with BBC Bircher smart access ProLoop lite

ProLoop Lite - Loop detector - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Loop detection is used for automatically opening traffic barriers and industrial gates. Once a vehicle has been detected, the loop detector ensures a smooth passage.

Proloop 2 loop detector

The BBC Bircher Smart Access Proloop 2 can be deployed for loop detection. This loop detector offers many possibilities and is highly efficient once it is deployed optimally. Experience shows that in a number of cases, particular features are not or only sporadically deployed (direction recognition for example). Therefore, Bircher has developed an edition that only includes the most often used features and omits the features that are used less frequently. Based on customer experience, Bircher determines the necessary standard features.

The Proloop Lite is fitted with the same standard features as the Proloop 2, including Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB). This feature automatically configures the detection loop to maximum sensitivity once a vehicle has been detected. This ensures that a vehicle is always detected, even when it concerns vehicles with a high ground clearance. The Proloop Lite is also fitted with various frequency settings to prevent interference from other loops or sources. The response time of the outgoing signal can also be adjusted to the desired application. Read more about loop detection and detection loops.


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