Brilliant object detection in a miniature housing

SensoPart FT 10-BHBlue light sensoren - SensoPart

The FT 10-series blue light photoelectric sensors from SensoPart are known for their compact housing with dimensions of 21.1 x 14.6 x 8 mm. Whereas the FT 10-BF2 and BF3 have a fixed focus, the FT 10-BH is adjustable via a teach-in button, teach-in input or by means of IO-Link

Thanks to the small blue light spot, detecting dark and shiny objects in difficult angles is child's play. Also for detection of the smallest objects, the FT 10-BH excels in its performance. The unique features ensure that the sensor is almost surface-independent over the entire working area, so that difficult applications are easily solved. Read more about blue light sensors.


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Features of the FT 10-BH blue light sensor

Blue light sensoren - SensoPart

  • Adjustable blue light sensor with background suppression
  • Highly accurate hysteresis and resolution
  • Accurate distance measurement up to 100 mm
  • Large detection range, even on black objects
  • Detection of small objects, even at large angles
  • Small light spot and compact housing
  • IO-Link for real-time data

Applications FT 10-BH photocell

  • Object detection on the gripper of a robot
  • Detection of dark, black and transparent objects
  • Detection of blister packs