Photocell with reflector - Reflector photocell

Reflector and receiver in one housing

In a photocell with reflector, the transmitter and receiver are combined in one housing. The light emitted by the transmitter returns to the receiver via a reflector. The receiver evaluates the reflected light. Because the reflector is compact, it can be easily installed. In addition, the reflector is a passive element and therefore does not require a power supply. Easy to install!Fotocel met reflector - SensoPart

Longer distance, larger reflector

Polarizing filter for photocell with reflector - SensoPart

Just like sender-receiver photocells by SensoPart, reflector photocells are often selected based on the distance they can cover. The light is emitted in a simplified (conical) way. This means that the cross-section increases with greater distanbrand ces. Therefore, a larger reflector must be used for longer distances than for smaller distances. In datasheets, the range is therefore always specifiedbrand in relation to the reflector type. All our sensors are equipped with a so-called polarization filter.

Polarizing filters

Polarizing filters are optical filters that can be compared to a grid of lines. The light that spreads in all directions is filtered and only the parallel light is transmitted. 


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