PROFINET Robotic ethernet cable - ESCHAEthernet cable for robot applications - "PROFINET Robotic"

Robots are increasingly working together in production environments. Robot applications are characterized by the many three-dimensional movements that are made. Cables that are used in robot applications must be able to withstand large amounts of twists and turns. ESCHA markets the new Ethernet cable under the name "PROFINET Robotic". The PROFINET Robotic Ethernet cable can withstand more than 5 million bending and turning cycles. Read more about data cables from ESCHA.


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Connectivity in the automotive industry

Automation line cables and connectors - ESCHA

Body construction and vehicle assembly place different demands on connectors and cables. During the assembly of a car you have to deal with turns of cables and sparks from welding. ESCHA's automotive portfolio offers exactly the right solutions for these challenges.

ESCHA offers turnkey open end connectors and connection cables in an M8x1 and M12x1 housing for applications around vehicle assembly. The components are ideally suited to the various requirements in bodywork construction and vehicle assembly.

For example, the new PUR cable with an enlarged outer sheath for excellent resistance to welding sparks. The UL approved S370 cable is highly resistant to energy chains and torsion.


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Automation line cables and connectors - ESCHASafety applications and accessories

For safety applications, both variants are available with a yellow cable jacket and connector. Appropriate accessories such as T-splitters, sealing caps and mounting solutions complement the range.

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