Rugged Cylindrical Wireless Magnetic Sensors

RF RC M30 Wireless Magnetic Sensors - steuteRF RC M30 - steute

The use of cables can significantly increase installation time and costs in many sensor applications, and in some scenarios, it may not even be feasible, such as in rotating machine parts or mobile devices.

To address this, a sensor suitable for wireless use and a robust industrial wireless connection are necessary. This is precisely what steute has developed with their sWave technology. Among their current range of wireless sensors is the wireless magnetic sensor, available in a cylindrical form with various options, including plastic or stainless steel housing.

Each model in the RF RC M30 series features a cylindrical housing with external threading, an integrated antenna design, and power supply through a replaceable lithium battery. The sensor communicates with the receiver using sWave technology, which can be adjusted to different country-specific frequencies (868, 915, 917, and 922 MHz) using wireless modules.

sWave delivers reliable performance, even in challenging industrial conditions. If the operating environment requires enhanced availability due to potential interference from simultaneous wireless systems or noise, the RF RC M30 sensor can be optionally equipped with "Listen before talk" software (LBT).

Reed Contacts and Hall Sensor

Additionally, there are choices regarding the sensor system. The standard RF RC M30 comes with a reed contact. However, if the environmental conditions are demanding with potential vibrations, a Hall sensor can be used.

An additional advantage of sWave technology, not only for these specific sensor models but also in general, is the simple programming on the receiver side. The output signal can also be specifically configured on the receiver.

The wireless magnetic sensors of the RF RC M30 series are also equipped with a high protection class (IP67), made possible by the wireless sensor principle. This makes these additions to the range of wireless switching equipment suitable for a wide range of applications, from general mechanical engineering to process technology and the semiconductor industry.


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