Bircher Reglomat s-line profile

New safety profiles with 'Chamber Height Reduction Effect'

BBC Bircher Smart Access has added two new profiles to the S-Line series: EPE016/026A0T and EPE016/026J2T. The Chamber Height Reduction Effect is unique to these profiles. Read more about safety edges and safety strips.


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Shorter response time

With regard to the new types, the position of the switching chamber and the patented Chamber Height Reduction Effect enable easy implementation of the profile in the rail. As soon as you click the profile parallel to the rail, the chamber height is reduced by several millimetres, cutting response time.

 Chamber height reduction effect

The safety signal strip can be found high in the profile. This requires less power to activate the switching device and therefore to stop the closing procedure. A mere 55 N of power and 3 mm of pressure is all that is needed to activate the safety edge.

Broad range of accessories

Flexible EN-C26 sealing capThe profiles not only contain matching AP-G2 aluminium rail, but also two PVC rails, a lighter alternative to the classic aluminium version. Moreover, the PP-G3 plastic rail is equipped with an extra T-foot to position the safety edge in an existing C groove. This means that the non-switching sealing profiles - for shutters or light roll-down curtains - can be assembled with a safety edge that protects the primary closing edge of the roll-down curtain or shutter.

The new flexible EN-C26 sealing cap can be added to the new profile in a few simple steps. The sealing cap is equipped with towing pins, enabling it to be connected - screwed or glued - to the embedded profile. The aluminium or plastic rail is fully covered with the help of the lateral adhesion principle, providing a uniform look and feel.


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