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Parking systems

Parking systems make use of access barriers or retractable bollards. You can rely on rapid and safe activation of your parking system with BBC Bircher Smart Access loop detectors. Obstacles and barriers are easy to secure with safety switch strips. Read more about safety edges and switch strips.

Loop detectors

Loop detectors recognize each metal vehicle within their detection range and pass that signal on to the switching device. Thanks to ASB, off-road vehicles and truck-and-trailer combinations can be detected reliably and without disruption. An ASB function enables you to regulate the loop detector in such a way that vehicles that normally speaking cause problems can easily be detected. Trucks and cars with trailer have a dead zone, the area between vehicle and trailer, that is difficult to detect. The ASB function enables you to regulate the loop detector in such a way that vehicle combinations can be detected easily. Read more about loop detectors with ASB-function.


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Application example - Parking systems - BBC Bircher Smart Access

ProLoop2 – Loop detectors for industrial doors, barriers, car parks and bollards - BBC Bircher


Situation Situation Situation Situation
Use at sliding gate Use at access barriers Application at bollards Access at gates with traffic lights
Parking systems | BBC Bircher Smart Access Parking systems | BBC Bircher Smart Access Parking systems | BBC Bircher Smart Access Parking systems | BBC Bircher Smart Access
Solution Solution Solution Solution
  1. Opening and closing site fencing inside and outside
  1. Opening and closing access barriers at the entrance and exit of parking zones
  1. Activation of retractable bollards at entrances, parking places, roads and pedestrian zones
  2. If the bollard is in use, it prevents improper activation
  1. Operating gates and light signals at confusing entrances and narrow passageways
Advantages Advantages Advantages Advantages
  1. Contactless activation of fencing installation
  2. Reacts to all metal vehicle
  1. The opening impulse of the access barrier can be used as a counter to indicate how full the parking garage is
  1. No collision between vehicle and bollard. Not even after a power failure.
  1. Straightforward traffic control
  2. Purposeful activation due to directional logic function
  3. Shorter waiting times due to optimised traffic flows


Proloop Lite - Control unit - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Detection loop and Loop detectors

A detection loop is an induction loop made of copper wire. A magnetic field is created by connecting the detection loop to a control unit. A vehicle disrupts this signal and is picked up by the detection loop. Read more about detection loops and loop detectors.

Control unit

A control unit for a detection loop provides the signal whereby access barriers, industrial doors and site fencing can be opened. The Proloop Lite and Proloop 2 from BBC Bircher Smart Access are examples of control units. 


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Excavation or grinding work for a detection loop not possible?

Is the use of a detection loop not possible? Then the ProAccess vehicle detection sensor is the solution. The detection sensor is mounted half a metre above the ground and is therefore easy to install and accessible for maintenance.

Indoor and outdoor application

The sensor has a range of 5.5 metres and features built-in heating in a housing with an IP65 degree of sealing. This makes the vehicle detection sensor suitable for use in cold and wet environments, both outdoors and indoors. 


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ProAccess vehicle detection sensor - BBC Bircher Smart Access

ProAccess vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates - Vehicle detection sensor - BBC Bircher

Safety edges and safety switch strips

In our warehouse, we assemble electrical safety edges just as you require them. We make a ready-to-use safety signal edges to your specifications. Read more about custom made safety edges and switch strips

  • Every desirable length
  • A choice of rubber profiles
  • Delivered quickly


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Safety edges self assembly - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Brochures and catalogs - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Brochures and catalogs - BBC Bircher Smart Access

BBC Bircher Smart Access products are suitable for many different applications, both for private use and for industry applications. Read more about the different products for access technology by BBC Bircher Smart Access. 


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