Access technology

Access technology

Fortop is sensor specialist for automatic doors and gates and we are active in the field of public transport and industry.

Our sensors do much more than actuating gates and doors. On request they detect what is coming to them, removes or come by them. Safety products prevent people or cars from dangerous scissors and close sides to get injured or damaged. Pressure-sensitive or contact-free, they immediately give the crucial command to a control module.


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Access technology
Application example | Parking systems

4 solutions Parking systems

Parking systems make use of access barriers or retractable bollards. You can rely on rapid and safe activation of your parking system with Bircher Reglomat loop detectors. Obstacles and barriers are easy to secure with safety switch strips. Read more about parking systems...


Radar motion detectors and active and passive infrared detectors can be deployed to detect people and objects as they approach a door. Combine the technologies in Bircher Reglomat's Prime production line, that makes use of radars and active infrared technology. Read more about sliding doors...

Radar access sensors Prime-serie
Bircher Reglomat | vertical industrial door

Opening and closing industrial doors safely

Nowadays, everyone using industrial doors, uses technology. This technology can be utilised in many different ways. By combining radars, sensors, loop detectors and safety switch strips for optimal access control. Read more about industrial doors...

Automatic sliding gates for a safe passage

Do you wish to fence off the site with one or more sliding gates? Passing vehicles must be granted as easy access as possible.  Loop detectors analyse induction loops installed in the ground and detect an approaching vehicle on time. Assembling safety switch strips on the closing edges assures the safety of man and vehicle. Bircher Reglomat offers activation and safety units that ensure seamless operation of your site fencing. Read more about sliding gates..

Automatic sliding gates for a safe passage