The EOS light curtains are available in safety detection heights from 160mm to 1810mm. The resolutions are available in 14, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 90mm and by walk-in restriction for 2, 3 or 4 beams. De EOS is available in X-version, with built-in monitoring (EDM) and the A-version with automatic reset function. Read more about Safety light curtains.


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Safety light curtains - ReeR Safety
Configurable safety PLC ReeR Mosaic

Configurable safety PLC

ReeR Mosaic

The ReeR Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety relay for safety of machines and installations. It is suitable for monitoring of different safety sensors like safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, mechanical switches, emergency stop and two-hand control in one system. The system contains a master module M1 and 14 extension modules which can be configured by bus connection on the rear of the module. Read more about configurable safety relay.


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Pull-wire switches IP69K

Compact and solid pull-wire switches with additional contacts and high degree of protection 

Machinery and plant manufacturers who need a solid, reliable emergency pull-wire, e. g. for cramped mounting areas and small machines, are well-advised to opt for the ZS 71. This device offers not only a very compact enclosure of just 105 mm but also a high degree of reliability and safety. Read more about pull-wire switch Steute ZS 71


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Pull-wire switches steute ZS 71
detect transparent and dark objects

detect transparent and dark objects with blue light!

Detection of transparent and dark objects can be a difficult challenge. Because of reflection, dark and transparent objects are hard to detect. In practice, a sensor recognizes two objects instead of one. This is because of the reflection of an object. Black objects absorb almost all the light. This makes it difficult for the sensor to recognize an object. SensoPart blue light offers the solution! Instead of a standard red light spot, blue light use's a blue light spot. This makes the sensor capable of recognizing and detecting transparent and blue objects.

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