Auer Signal buzzers and signal lights

Audio and visual signaling

Auer is a technology leader in the field of optical and audible signal devices such as signal towers, signal lamps, buzzers, horns and sirens. Auer's products provide a solution to warn, protect and guide people into a modern industrial environment when in danger or emergency.

Auer was founded in 1910 in Vienna, Austria. Since then Auer has developed into a technology leader in the field of signal equipment.


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Modern LED-technology

The ECOmodul series combines modern LED technology with an excellent price. A simple connection system (spring force or push-in technology), together with a wide range of mounting possibilities that this "ECO modules" are interesting, economically attractive product.

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The highest standard in the international signaling market

Series T (ø 75 mm) and U (ø 60 mm) signal lights are available as surface-mounted and panel mount version in several variants. Also optical-acoustic and acoustic models of the T model are available.

With this expansion of the program Auer has the perfect alerts for extreme and demanding applications. A temperature range of from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C, IP66 and a seal made of an impact resistance to IK10 are examples of highly robust design.

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Signal lights T-series | Auer Signal