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Bircher Reglomat is a producer and international supplier of safety and sensor systems for automatic doors and gates. In addition, Bircher Reglomat develops and produces innovative solutions in the realms of safety edges and touch-sensitive switch mats to secure machines and forklifts, as well as safety elements in elderly care. Long-term, cooperative customer relationships and our large service and sales network form the basis of our success.


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Loop detectors | Bircher Reglomat

Loop detectors - Bircher Reglomat

A detection loop is an induction loop made of copper wire. A magnetic field is created by connecting the detection loop to a control unit. A vehicle disrupts this signal and is picked up by the detection loop. A control unit for a detection loop provides the signal whereby access barriers, industrial doors and site fencing can be opened.

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Securing an automatic sliding door

Many people pass through a door in hospitals, schools, airports or shopping centres. A logical solution in this situation would be to install an automated sliding door. How do you ensure that these sliding doors can be used efficiently and safely?

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Safety edges | Electrical safety switch strips | Bircher Reglomat


Electrical safety edges are used for securing machine bottlenecks, automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems. In our workshop we make customized tailor-made switch strips. We do this on the basis of different profiles, lengths and cable lengths. 

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The Bircher Reglomat EPE040/067A0J is the intermediate switching edge in the CoverLine series.  Bircher Reglomat EPE016/026A0T and EPE016/026J2T are two switch strips from the S-Line series. Switching edges for roller doors, sectional doors or up-and-over doors can switch electrically or pneumatically. Air pressure is used in pneumatic circuits. Read more about electrical safety switch strips.


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Bircher Reglomat products are suitable for many different applications, both for private use and for industry applications. Do you want to know more? Below you can download the product brochures. Overview brochues.

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Sliding gates components | Bircher Reglomat

Automatic operations of sliding gates

Do you wish to fence off the site with one or more sliding gates? Passing vehicles must be granted as easy access as possible.  Loop detectors analyse induction loops installed in the ground and detect an approaching vehicle on time. Assembling safety switch strips on the closing edges assures the safety of man and vehicle. Bircher Reglomat offers activation and safety units that ensure seamless operation of your site fencing.

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Opening and closing industrial doors safely

Nowadays, everyone using industrial doors, uses technology. This technology can be utilised in many different ways. By combining radars, sensors, loop detectors and safety switch strips for optimal access control.

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Parking systems | Bircher Reglomat


Parking systems make use of access barriers or retractable bollards. You can rely on rapid and safe activation of your parking system with Bircher Reglomat loop detectors. Obstacles and barriers are easy to secure with safety switch strips.

Loop detectors recognise each metal vehicle within their detection range and pass that signal on to the switching device. Thanks to ASB, off-road vehicles and truck-and-trailer combinations can be detected reliably and without disruption. An ASB function enables you to regulate the loop detector in such a way that vehicles that normally speaking cause problems can easily be detected. Trucks and cars with trailer have a dead zone, the area between vehicle and trailer, that is difficult to detect. The ASB function enables you to regulate the loop detector in such a way that vehicle combinations can be detected easily.

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