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EMU Electrnoic energy meters

EMU: Digital energy meters

EMU provides insight into the energy consumption of your business. For more than 23 years of EMU develops digital energy meters and data loggers. EMU meters are confirming through DIN rail mounting and for MID certification for accounting measurements. On the basis of various network protocols to be read out from the remote meter.

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One meter for every application

EMU kWh meters

The EMU program includes a wide range kWh meters, loggers and software solutions. The energy meters can be distinguished in a professional line and a rounder line. EMU Allrounder is a versatile energy meter, equipped with a pulse output with optional M-Bus. EMU Professional is next to a current meter a multimeter and can optionally be fitted with an M-Bus, KNX, LON, Modbus RS485 or TCP / IP output.


Insight in your energy consumption without major investments

EMU Pulslogger

You are in your office in Zurich and want to know how high the current energy use in your branches in Zurich and London is. You are faced with the choice of a two-day trip or a dozen telephone calls. Both are laborious and take up a lot of your time. But it doesn't have to be like that. With the EMU S0 Impulse-Logger you have access on your computer screen to all the relevant data, at any time. The S0 Impulse-Logger is a S0-pulse log system with which energy use can be monitored and analysed via remote access.


Energy management has never been this simple!

EMU Professional

EMU Professional is a multifunctional energy and power meter, just 90 mm (5TE) width, with outstanding flexibility and accuracy.

Via direct or current transformer connection it helps to analyse and monitor a variety of parameters in the most exacting applications in the residential, business and industrial sectors. It combines the functions of a multi-meter, a power and energy meter and a data logger.

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Energy Control

All your gas, heat and electricity meters online

EMU M-Bus logger reads automatically M-Bus slaves and stores the readings in its internal memory. The measured values and load profiles are presented via the internal web server or can be automatically exported to CSV files or an FTP server. Report with Bill and cost profiles can be created and can...

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