JAY Electronique - Industrial Wireless radio remote control

Founded in 1962 by Mr. Aimé JAY, JAY Electronique has been recognized for 50 years as a designer/manufacturer specialized in two products:

  • Standard or safety infrared contactless detection
  • Standard or safety wireless remote control

With a wide range of products, JAY Electronique is a wireless solution for safety in and around your machine or working space. Designed to work under the toughest conditions, the products by JAY Electronique are built and sized to be extra-rugged. Specially designed seals and protective foams ensure the highest level of strength and tightness. 

Advantages of communicating by radio link

The main advantages of communicating by radio link are freedom of movement, operating safety, user friendliness, lower installation and maintenance costs and operating in industrial and severe environments.


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Logo - JAY Electronique

Design and safety - JAY Electronique


The buttons on the remote control devices by JAY Electronique provide an optimum touch sensitivity and are sizes to allow the operator to use the devices when wearing gloves. The buttons are sizes and laid out to prevent pressing two buttons at the same time. The backlit, anti-reflection, shock-proof, scratch-proof screen displays show: 

  • the battery charge level
  • the behaviour of the radio link
  • the name of the equipment remote-controlled
  • feedback from the equipment controlled and operating alarms (weight of load, overload, limit switches) and fault diagnostics


The products SIL 3 certified per EN61508 and PL e per EN ISO 13849, representing the highest level of safety. Different options are available to enhance the safety of those applications requiring it (infrared startup, action zone limitation, validation buttons, use in ATEX area, function buttons SIL 2 according to EN 61508 and PL d according to EN ISO 13849). 

Access to the radio remote control and certain functions can be limited to authorized operators by password (PIN codes).


JAY Electronique - Safety radio remote control

Operating on mobile equipment in an outdoor environment subject to bad weather, a self-driven pump must be able to operate on all types of worksites. Its unloading arm must be able to deploy in tricky spaces requiring the highest degree of precision. A concrete mixer and a ready-mix concrete plant must be able to response quickly and frequently to controls generated by operators standing at a distance.

Features safety remote control

The mobile safey remote control have 6 or 10 function buttons and 2 navigation buttons. With a protection degree of IP65, the remote control by JAY Electronique is resistant to water jets. The mobile equipment has a plug-in rechargeable battery. Safety stop PL e EN13849 and SIL 3 EN61508 for safety radio remote control.


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Wireless remote control - JAY Electronique
Wireless radio remote safety controller - JAY Electronique


Industrial lifting, handling machines, loading and unloading arms, harbor cranes. All these applications are preferred to be operated remotely. Communicating by radio link provides the operator the freedom of movement. Unloading goods from an industrial vehicle with the ability to move around the vehicle guarantees safety and user friendly. 

A radio remote control system will satisfy these needs. Scrap metal presses (shears or crushers) can be controlled from the loader control station. In the event of a problem, the operator can quickly stop the press.

Applications for JAY Electronique equipment

JAY Electronique is specialist in radio remote control for all hydraulic mobile equipment aimed at making buildings and infrastructures, and all equipment aimed at extracting and recycling materials on site, all equipment aimed at lifting or handling components and products in an industrial environment and all storage and conveying equipment (internal logistics including conveying, transfer, ground handling for products and materials), every machine and industrial material and many more applications. 

Auxiliary components

As may be required, the operator can also control the auxiliary components such as the conveyor at the system exit. The solution for this is a Moka system radio remote.

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This operator module is designed for use in potentially explosive gases atmospheres classified 0, 1, 2, dust classified 20, 21, 22 and mines. The Gama Atex radio remote can be used in applications for mobile transport systems for the remote switching on/off of the fuel pump.

Onshore applications

Especially used in onshore petro-chemical works, Oil and Gas installations for example where cable systems would cause problems with cable snagging or even damage to the cable system to stop the operation process.

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Wireless ATEX radio remote control - JAY Electronique