sensopart F 25

Detection sensor

F 25: For every application the right sensor

The F 25 photocell doesn't only convience with the wide range of variations but also with the wide usefull details who makes the difference. All F 25 sensors are available in laser or LED edition.

More then 100 models!

There are editions with adjustable and fixed switching distance. Because of the difference connection and switching distance like I/O-link and auto-detect-editions there are more then 100 models available. All models have a compact housingform.


  • Detection of objects, color, contrast and measuring distance.
  • Easy in use because of tech-in-principal or fixed settings
  • Reliable because of suspression of envoirement light.
  • Clear LED-designation (visible from each side)
  • Many connection options (M8, M12 pigtail, fixed cable