Detection sensor F 25-series

F 25: For every application the right sensor

Color sensors work according to the principle of energetic reflection, in which the partial spectra of red, green and blue are evaluated separately. The three colors are transmitted one after the other and the amount of light that is reflected by the target object is registered individually at the FT 25-C sensor.

Contrast sensors

Contrast sensors work according to the principle of energetic reflection and detect gray scale differences on matt, glossy or transparent objects and surfaces. The F 25-series photocells are convincing not only by the wide range of variations, but also by many useful details that make the difference in an application. All F 25 sensors from SensoPart are available as laser and LED versions.


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FT 25-RA-series sensors | SensoPart

More then 100 models!

There are editions with adjustable and fixed switching distance. Because of the difference connection and switching distance like I/O-link and auto-detect-editions there are more then 100 models available. All models have a compact housingform.

Features F 25-series sensors

  • Detection of objects, color, contrast and measuring distance.
  • Easy in use because of tech-in-principal or fixed settings
  • Reliable because of suspression of envoirement light.
  • Clear LED-designation (visible from each side)
  • Many connection options (M8, M12 pigtail, fixed cable


FT 25-RV miniature sensor | SensoPart