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About signalling

Safety is the number one priority for machine design engineers and technicians. Signalling can be used to warn employees for serveral situations. Especially for machine designers and technicians, signalling has an important role to play in feedback control signals functionality. Visual and audible alarms then cannot be interpreted incorrecty.


Signalling for industry

Modern LED-technology

Auer ECO-modul

The ECOmodul series combines modern LED technology with an excellent price. A simple connection system (spring force or push-in technology), together with a wide range of mounting possibilities that this "ECO modules" are interesting, economically attractive product.

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The highest standard in the international signaling market

Auer T-series

Series T (ø 75 mm) and U (ø 60 mm) signal lights are available as surface-mounted and panel mount version in several variants. Also optical-acoustic and acoustic models of the T model are available.

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signal lights

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Prewired Auer P-series signal lights

Prewired signal lights Auer P-series The P-series beacons are mid-sized pre-configured/pre-wired 75 mm diameter beacons - Optionally in high or low lens design.  The power of Auer signal is a wide range of products with modern LED technology lighting The range is complemented by the familiar...

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