Mosaic main module with integrated fieldbus interface protocols

Mosaic M1S COM - ReeR SafetyMosaic M1S COM main module - ReeR Safety

The main module Mosaic M1S COM from ReeR Safety features integrated fieldbus interface protocols such as: Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET and MODBUS TCP. With the use of this main module, network capabilities for fieldbus and remote connection are possible.

Simple connecting

With four integrated fieldbus interface protocols, which are selectable via the MSD configuration software, the Mosaic M1S COM is the most suitable option for connecting the safety functions to the processes of a system.

Safety outputs

In addition, the Mosaic M1S COM main module features four OSSD safety outputs (Ple) or two pairs of OSSD outputs (Ple) and the ability to process 128 logical operators, making safety applications more powerful. Read more about the Mosaic safety PLC.


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