The MT60 series of white LED signal towers from Auer Signal, completely compleet!

Auer Signal MT60 signal towers

Looking for a practical and complete signal tower for a machine, for example? Then the Auer Signal MT60 series of signal towers is the right choice. This white series of LED signal towers is characterised by the fact that they are ready-to-use and not modular. Each MT60 signal tower features three LEDs with excellent all-round light distribution.

The signal towers can be mounted in various ways so that a suitable signal tower is available for every application and situation. The MT60 signal towers are IP66 rated and the housing has an IK07 rating in terms of housing impact resistance. In addition, they can withstand temperatures from -25°C to +50°C, which also makes them suitable for heavier duty.

The fact that Auer Signal has launched the MT60 series with these specifications as a basic model makes it clear once again that Auer Signal stands for high quality and reliability.


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MT60, complete signal tower

Ready to use, no assembly required

One of the advantages of the MT60 series is that the signal towers are completely finished. They are essentially 'ready-to-use' signal towers that only need to be mounted and connected. This simplifies the entire process, from purchase to installation, as there is no longer any need to spend time selecting and assembling the desired signal tower.

Even after receiving the signal tower, there is nothing to assemble, but the signal towers can be immediately mounted and connected. All this saves time, and time is money.


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Optical and Acoustic SignallingMT60 signal towers are also available with acoustic signalling.

In some cases, optical signalling alone is not sufficient. To also be suitable for these situations, Auer has essentially doubled the entire MT60 series. Therefore, each model is also available with an integrated acoustic module. This acoustic module delivers a pulsating tone with a sound level of 75dB, which is sufficient in most standard situations where there is no excess of ambient noise.


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Clear Signalling

The 3 colours of the MT60 signal towersThe function of a signal tower is of vital importance when it comes to safety. A misinterpretation of the light can lead to dangerous situations, which must be prevented at all times. For this reason, the MT60 signal towers are equipped with a transparent lens to prevent incorrect signalling due to external light interference.

For clear signalling of, for example, a machine status, the signal towers of the MT60 series all have three LEDs in red, yellow, and green. The light from these LEDs radiates all around to prevent dead angles and/or blind spots. Besides the fact that all three colours can simply be turned on or off, it is possible to make (only) the red LED blink* for extra clear signalling of, for example, a malfunction. 

* The blinking function of the red LED is not available on the acoustic version of the MT60 with M22 mounting and 5-pin M12 connection. (item no. AR106030)


The MT60 series is delivered as a complete product and can be mounted and connected immediately upon receipt. In terms of mounting and fixing options, the MT60 series offers four different mounting possibilities, namely:


  • Pipe mounting
 MT60 pipe mounting
  • Vertical mounting
 MT60 vertical mounting
  • Horizontal mounting or external pipe mounting
 MT60 horizontal mounting
  • M22 mounting with bracket (bracket not included)
 MT60 M22 mounting with bracket

Waterproof and Impact-ResistantThe classifications of the MT60 signal towers

Both the housing and the lenses of the MT60 series are made of sturdy polycarbonate. The lenses are monolithic, which means that the signal towers are all classified as IP66. Dust has no chance of penetrating the housing, and water must be under considerable pressure to have a chance of getting in. This means that the MT60 signal towers can even be cleaned with powerful water jets.

In terms of impact resistance, the signal towers are classified with an IK07 rating. With this classification, they can withstand an impact of 2 joules. In terms of temperature resistance, the MT60 series can withstand temperatures from -25 °C to +50 °C.

For an "entry level" series of signal towers, as Auer Signal itself indicates, these specifications are certainly impressive. The high quality standard of Auer Signal is once again clearly underlined with the MT60 series.


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