10 reasons to place a janitza umg 509-PRO behind the nettrafo

The Janitza UMG 509-PRO power analyzer has been specially developed for use behind the net transformer. Why is this measurement so important and is the UMG 509-PRO the ideal meter for this?

10 reasons:

  • A correct power measurement of the transformer with electronic loads
  • Fully automatic registration and reporting of voltage dips
  • Fully automatic registration and reporting of power quality
  • Current measurement in the neutral conductor prevents overloading
  • Integrated differential current measurement prevents danger and fire
  • Intuitive large color screen for reading without the use of a PC or smartphone
  • Embedded web interface with all EMS functions for PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Integrated transformer temperature measurement
  • Readout in DCEM Cloud via the mobile network
  • Easily integrate into existing systems


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Power analyser UMG 509-PRO - Janitza
Power measurement with UMG 509-PRO - Janitza

1. A correct and stable power measurement at electronic taxes

Electronic equipment such as frequency inverter, LED lighting and charging circuits of electric cars generate a lot of power pollution. This current pollution causes higher harmonics.

Higher harmonics

Because these higher harmonics lead to a considerable extra load on the transformer, it is important that this extra power component is properly measured. The more simple universal meters miss this extra load due to the low sampling rate. The UMG 509-PRO samples with at least 20 kHz voltage and current, so that all power components are measured and displayed correctly. Indispensable in a modern installation.

2. Fully automatic registration and reporting voltage dips

Stress dips can lead to the failure of (parts of) production processes. Sometimes with major consequences. Because it is precisely the short-term voltage dips between 20 and 200 ms that lead to the biggest problems, it is important to precisely register these dips and report them if necessary.

High sampling rate

A meter with a high sampling rate also records these short voltage dips. By reporting voltage dips in time, the consequential costs of voltage dips can be reduced by up to 80%.

Fully automatic registration and reporting voltage dips - Janitza UMG 509-PRO
Fully automatic registration and reporting of power quality - Janitza UMG 509-PRO

3. Fully automatic registration and reporting of power quality

Poor power quality increases maintenance costs, shortens the life of equipment, leads to inexplicable failure of processes and moreover to extra energy consumption. The warranty on equipment can also expire.

Conform voltage quality standard IEC61000-2-4

To keep these costs under control, standards have been drawn up that the installation manager (IV person) must adhere to. The Janitza UMG 509-PRO measures, registers and reports fully automatically based on the traffic light function your power quality 100% according to the voltage quality standard IEC61000-2-4.

4. Flow measurement in the zero leader

Asymmetrical loads and harmonic currents (the multiples of 3) lead to an extra high current in the neutral conductor. It sometimes happens that it is larger than phase currents. In modern installations, therefore, a continuous measurement of the zero current is essential.

Integrated differential flow measurement - UMG 509-PRO - Janitza

5. Integrated differential flow measurement

Earth fault currents can lead to fire and are dangerous for humans and animals. These currents can also lead to a further deterioration of the electrical installation. That is why the quality of the insulation must be tested periodically. This is expensive and time-consuming test.

Earth fault continuously monitored

With the Janitza UMG 509-PRO these earth fault currents can be continuously monitored, this periodic inspection is no longer necessary. Moreover, warnings can be made in good time before dangerous situations arise.

6. Intuitive large color screen

The Janitza UMG 509-PRO is equipped with a large and intuitive Dutch color screen. This makes it possible that everyone (including non-technicians) can quickly and easily display all relevant measured values, voltage dips and power quality directly on the screen.

Intuitive large color screen - Janitza UMG 509-PRO

7. Embedded web interface with all ems functions

The embedded web interface makes it possible to display all relevant information via a standard web browser. No additional software is required. The responsive design and the drag & drop functions make simple operation via smartpone, tablet and PC possible. With the measured value monitor, it is possible that current and historical values ​​can be displayed in numbers and graphs. The automatic reporting functions can also be read out via the web interface.

8. Integrated trafo temperature measurement

The UMG 509-PRO is equipped with an external connection for measuring the transformer temperature. This makes it possible to measure, log and monitor the actual transformer temperature.

DCEM cloud mobile network - Software

9. Read out in dcem cloud through the mobile network

Is there no IT infrastructure present at the intended measurement locations or do you not want to depend on your own IT department? Then reading via the Cloud is a solution. Software developed in-house makes additional data loggers or RTUs superfluous and the meter can be directly connected to the mobile network via a VPN gateway. Although mobile connections sometimes fail, we offer you 100% data guarantee and always have access to an up-to-date online environment.

10. Simple binding in existing systems

Due to the many open protocols that the meter supports, maximum flexibility is obtained and binding into existing systems is easy to achieve. In addition, the meter has an IP-gateway function so that all underlying meters can be read via the IP port of the UMG 509 PRO.