Since its foundation in 1994, SensoPart has developed into a specialist in sensing, positioning, identification and recognition of size, colour or contrast. SensoPart develops and produces a wide range of sensors for standard applications but distinguishes itself with sensors for specialist applications.

SensoPart's added value is therefore that they not only produce standard sensors, but above all offer solutions for specific customer requests. SensoPart has the right sensor for every application!


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FT 55-RLAM: high-precision laser distance measurement

FT 55-RLAM: quick teaching of distance sensor output

FT 55-RLAM: short explanation of the LCD display of the distance sensor

VISOR®: intelligent Pick & Place calibration on the workpiece itself

USB Master SensoIO: explanation of SensoPart software for IO-LINK

Photo electric sensors with BlueLight technology open up new fields of application

Explanation: alignment of a VISOR® Vision sensor

Vision sensor VISOR®: explaining grey scale control for e.g. labels

Explanation: how even the smallest object is seen with the FT 55-RLHM

Explanation: detecting different layers with the FT 55-RLHM

Explanation: how to use Sensotune, SensoPart's software