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DIMETIX has been developing and manufacturing laser distance sensors for over 15 years. As a company that prides itself on being Swiss, they strive for the highest possible quality. This results in unique, accurate long-range sensors - the solution that provides applications for the most precise measurement requirements.

With DIMETIX, even the most demanding applications can be realized, thanks to their technical application support which is available to all clients.

  • DIMETIX products are capable of measuring distances up to 500 metres, with an accuracy of ±1 millimetre.
  • Each sensor contains a list with many features, which makes it easy for you to select the right sensor.
  • Dimetix always has all of its sensors in stock, which means that there are short delivery times.


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D-series Laser distance sensors

D-Series Dimetix Laser Distance Sensors are at the cutting edge of our ongoing research and development. These sensors measure long distances with the utmost precision, reliability and speed, regardless of the situation.

The D-Series is capable of measurements on dark surfaces - even in sunny conditions outside. This series is now available in a new slick design. Dimetix has broadened its product line by adding a device that has an output speed of 1 kHz. View laser distance sensors in the Product Portal


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