3-pole M8 connector with LED indication

3-pole M8 connector with LED indication - ESCHAESCHA has recently expanded its M8 portfolio with a straight 3-pole version with LED indication. With the LED indicator on the connector, you can see in real-time whether the connector is correctly connected and, for example, the status of an output from a connected sensor.

Reliability of the connection

This can be useful when connecting devices to hard-to-reach locations or in situations where the connection must be checked without the device or installation being in operation or needing to be opened. The LED indicator helps to improve the reliability of the connection, allowing you to quickly see if there is a malfunction or interruption in the connection.  

Simple error detection 

If there is a problem with the connection, the LED indicator can help to quickly pinpoint the cause of the issue. This can help to prevent costly repairs and downtime. The industrial connectors with LED indication are available in various lengths, cable diameters, and cable qualities. This means that you can customize the cable to the specific requirements of your application. ESCHA offers industrial connector cables with a robust housing and IP67 protection class, meaning they are resistant to water, dust, and shocks. This makes them suitable for use in demanding environments. Read more about sensor and actuator cables from ESCHA

Main features: 

  • Overmolded single-sided connectors or connection cables
  • Screwable female variant
  • Available with different cable qualities
  • With and without UL approval 


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