Universal robotics plugin for Inxpect radar security

Inxpect's radar security system is now available with an official URCap plugin. This addition makes it easier to integrate the system with robots from Universal Robots, allowing users and programmers to work more efficiently with this advanced safety technology.

URCap plugin

With the integration of the URCap plugin, all important information about the Inxpect safety radar system is clearly displayed at a glance on the robot's control panel.

Up to 6 radar sensors

The control unit of the Inxpect system allows for simultaneous monitoring of up to six radar sensors. On the control unit's page, you will find all essential information, such as statuses and digital inputs and outputs, conveniently together.

Insight into status of fields, distance and objects

In addition, there is a separate page for the smart sensors where you can view detailed data such as the status of detection fields, distance to detected objects and the current working mode of each sensor. The information view brings together all data about the smart sensors and control units so you have a complete picture of how the system works. Read more about radar security.

Hoofdpagina Besturingseenheid overzicht Veilige radar sensoren overzicht Informatieoverzicht
Main page
Control unit overview
Safe radar sensors overview
Information summary
Up to 6 (safe) radar sensors simultaneously monitored by the same control unit. All statuses, digital inputs and outputs in one place. All statuses of detection fields, target distances and working modes of each sensor. All information on (safe) radar sensors and control units.


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