Robotic vision camera with integrated distance measurement

SensoPart VISOR® Robotic +ZVISOR Robotic +Z vision camera met afstandsmeting

SensoPart has launched the new VISOR® Robotic +Z, a vision camera for robotics applications with integrated distance measurement. With an impressive range of up to 2500 mm and a frequency of 100 Hz, this vision camera is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The driving force behind the development of the VISOR® Robotic +Z was SensoPart's ambition to take their capabilities in distance measurement applications in robotics to the next level. By integrating an external projection laser, the VISOR® Robotic +Z is ultra-compact yet very high performance. The VISOR® Robotic +Z thus offers an advanced solution for triangulation measurements over a considerable range. Read more about robotic vision cameras.

Optimal user experience

The advanced features of the VISOR® Robotic +Z camera are further enhanced by the ability to effortlessly adjust various image processing settings. This means users can change the resolution, adjust the working distance and even load a distance calibration file. But what makes the VISOR® Robotic +Z truly exceptional is the perfect combination of 2D vision-guided robotics and advanced distance measurement. The versatility is further emphasised by the integration with the new Yaskawa Robot Library V2.0 which ensures an optimal user experience. Read more about vision cameras.

Key features Robotic vision +Z camera with integrated distance measurement:

  • Working range from 150 mm to 2500 mm
  • Measurement frequency of 100 Hz
  • Integrated red projection laser (class 2)
  • Ultra-compact and high-quality design
  • Offers a combination of 2D vision-guided robotics and distance measurement
  • Seamless integration with Yaskawa Robot Library V2.0


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