Energy management in three steps

A total concept for energy management

Energy management is an integrated, coherent process of measuring, reporting and improving. This goes beyond just measuring your consumption.

Power Quality measurement

With Power Quality management you are able to reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of machines and improve the continuity of processes. Fortop's 3P strategy helps with this.


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Energy management in three steps
Power Quality Analyzer UMG 512-PRO - Janitza

Step 1: Measurement

Choosing the right meter is essential. For a continuous improvement process, it is necessary to measure permanently and properly. That seems easier than it is. 30% of the measuring instruments are connected incorrectly. How do you ensure that you measure well?

Point of attention for correct measurement:

  • Decide what you want to measure and at what level in the installation
  • Choose the correct meter/measurement transformers
  • Place the measuring instruments (analyzers) in the right place
  • Connect the measuring instruments properly
  • Ensure the correct configuration of the measuring instruments

Step 2: Monitoring

Draw the right conclusions

Only by a good interpretation of the measurement data can we draw the right conclusions. We want to be able to view measurement data, to be alerted at the right times and to be able to generate periodic reports. This requires well thought out software.


Both software on the meter (decentralized) and software in which all measuring points can be installed (centrally).


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Monitoring data - Software - DCEM
Active dynamic filter - Comsys

Step 3: Improve

Solve the PQ problem. With Power Quality problems we prefer to solve the problem at the source. It may be that the equipment manufacturer does not meet his obligation or the installation has to be rebuilt.

Problem with the network operator

In some cases the problem lies with the network operator. If this does not work, action will have to be taken with a passive solution (filter or compensation) or an active solution as an active dynamic filter. 


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