Improve power and voltage quality

A good power supply: not as obvious as it seems

The pressure on the energy network is increasing, while the quality of the network is under serious pressure. This threatens companies and organizations that depend on a continuous power supply.

fortop is the specialist!

International production companies, data centers, hospitals, airports, network operators, ETBs and installers therefore work together with fortop. We are the specialist in Energy Control. With measurements, analyzes and optimizations, we contribute to the constant availability of electricity.


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Compare current and voltage with drinking water

The supply of water must be inexhaustible and the water must be guaranteed to be of good quality. If the water quality is poor, we can get sick. The same applies to electricity and equipment. Poor quality power increases the chance of failure and shortens the life of equipment.

"If the quality of water is poor, we can get sick."

Without electricity everything stands still, sometimes with a fatal outcome. Organizations for which a continuous power supply is crucial, are therefore making a fortune. We measure the quality of the flow, analyze the data and have improvement techniques. 

More and more pollution of the electricity network

Our expertise is increasingly needed. Good power supply is not as obvious as it seems. Less and less. The supply of electricity is for example more dynamic due to solar panels, wind turbines and other energy sources. On the other hand, the use of electronics is increasing and that causes pollution of the electricity grid. With the rise of electric transport and gasless households, the pressure on the network is increasing. These developments make the network vulnerable.

Solutions for fortop customers

At fortop, technically driven people with a passion for our products and services work. We are familiar with various disciplines. Our challenge lies in developing solutions for customers. Solutions that are increasingly needed. We operate in a growth market because the quality of the electricity network is under further pressure. Our brand awareness is also growing. Certainly organizations with the most critical business processes know that they have to go to fortop for the best equipment and especially the right advice.

Power analyzer UMG 509-PRO - Power measurement
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Vision of energy management

Everything starts with measuring. For this we supply the measuring equipment with which the quality of the current is measured. With the help of software developed in-house, the user can easily make analyzes. Complex data is translated into easily understandable reports, for example by using the apps with the traffic light function. Clients then receive a clear report of our findings. Often problems are found that can be corrected through our power quality solutions. After improving the situation, we measure again. The circle of continuous measurement, analysis, improvement and re-measurement is our strength. Read more about the 4 aspects of power management.

"Complex data is translated into easily understandable reports."

We distinguish ourselves with this total package. The combination of measuring, analyzing and improving, supplying energy meters and software and adding the knowledge that fortop has in-house is unique in the industry.

Measuring, analyzing and improvement

Measuring is possible in two ways: temporary or continuous. We continuously measure, analyze and improve the most critical business processes. Data centers, airports and hospitals thus prevent the risk of a power outage. Using our equipment and expertise, they eliminate threats at an early stage.

"Not everyone knows the risk of failure."

Organizations for which power outages are less fatal are increasingly calling on us. Compare it to a consultation with a doctor. These clients want to know what the state of their network is and if and how they can improve the power quality. We use temporary measuring units for this. This is followed by an analysis by our PQ specialist, who makes conclusions and makes recommendations.


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Overloading leads to failure - fortop energy control
Responsibilities and standards - fortop energy control

We take the problem on at the source

Measuring and analyzing is one, the situation is improving two. We use improvement techniques for this. We supply active filters that eliminate harmonic pollution and asymmetrical loads. Such an active filter (ADF) solves the problem by injecting countercurrent. Equipment then functions better and has fewer disruptions. In this way we indirectly prevent high costs for clients.

"Many organizations do not know those standards, while they are very important."

Energy suppliers are responsible for power supply to the front door, but an organization must then monitor quality itself. European standards apply to this. Many organizations do not know those standards, while they are very important. If an installation does not meet those minimum requirements, the risk of failure is greater.


Under the name fortop projects, we develop software ourselves that makes the measuring equipment even more user-friendly. A user does not want to look at information screens all day, but only receives a notification when something goes wrong. For this, fortop projects develops smart apps that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Users receive information when something is wrong. We develop applications that increase the ease of use of our energy meters from Janitza in Germany.

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