The march of the industrial robot

The "fourth industrial revolution" is rapidly gaining ground. The industrial robot is the solution for sectors that are crying out for employees. The number of robots in construction will grow in the coming years, while experts expect that healthcare and education will also make use of the possibilities. Incidentally, research shows that robots worldwide have no consequences for employment. 87 percent of global employers expect their workforce to stay the same or grow for the third year in a row and the main reason for this would be automation.



De march of the industrial robot - fortop

The robot in the region

Robotization is no longer reserved for multinationals and large groups. The time of threshold fear and waiting is over. The robot finds its way to "the region". Entrepreneurs are increasingly discovering the benefits and realizing that industrial robots strengthen their competitive position. They embrace the opportunities of robotization and prepare their companies for the future that is already present for more and more companies.

Training young people and employees is crucial. Companies need professionals who can develop, control, program and operate robotic machines.

The flexible factory

The advance of the robot is also rapidly changing the workplace. An important development in the industry is the emergence of the so-called flexible factory. Fixed production lines that make the same numbers of a certain product 365 days a year, are disappearing more and more. With their production halls, companies are increasingly responding to sudden changes and changing markets. The device must be adaptable quickly. This means that the layout of production lines must be able to be changed quickly and easily.

The industrial robotics and the flexible factory will change the appearance of the industrial spaces as we know them in the coming years. The changing workplace creates new issues. An important theme in this is the safety of employees who operate dangerous machines and robots. They must have safe access to such a working environment, while also preventing unwanted or uncontrolled access.

Safety light curtains and  light grids - ReeR Safety

Protect and operate

That is the terrain of fortop. With our expertise, products and systems, we ensure optimum security for a robotic environment. Depending on the production process, we ensure this with, for example, radar protection, light curtains, and safety mats. Because we are not dependent on one specific brand, we deliver the best solution for every application.

Robots cannot work without people (yet)

Professionals take care of the programming of the robots. Functional and reliable operator panels and apps are required for operation. Fortop has the right solutions for this. Moreover, we offer solutions for connecting the robot by means of special Robotic cables and connectors. The communication in the "flexible factory" can be established through a wireless communication protocol. All together, fortop offers a very complete package of solutions to secure, operate and connect industrial robotics.


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