Object recognition and objects measuring - blob function

With the new feature BLOB (Binary Large Object) of SensoPart, you are able to assess with one sensor complex objects based on multiple requirements.

Visor® with BLOB function 

The SensoPart Visor® with Blob function counts the number of objects, recognize or objects are right or upside down, what color are the objects and determines the shape. This makes the sensor ideal for sorting functions within a process.


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VISOR® camera with BLOB function - SensoPart
Visor® vision camera met Blob-functie - SensoPart

Visor® camera with blob function - SensoPart

The Visor® camera with Blob function detects even small differences between objects, counts parts or detects when a product is pointing upwards or downwards. Using the calibration function, positions and distances in the sensor image can be easily converted to relative world coordinates or absolute robot coordinates.

Integrated lighting

The Visor® sensor has user-friendly configuration software and has a 1.3 megapixel camera for object detection and encoder input. The sensors are available with white, red and infrared integrated LEDs and as a version with a C-mount. Read more about vision cameras and systems.

In the video below, the SensoPart VISOR® with Blob function has four tasks:

  • Count the number of objects
  • Determine the shape
  • What color are the objects?
  • Are the objects right or upside down?


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