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Since its founding in 1982, Lika Electronic has been developing and manufacturing incremental and absolute, optical and magnetic, rotary and linear encoders, incremental and absolute sensors, incremental and absolute magnetic measurement systems, rotary actuators, displays, signal converters and encoder interfaces.

Thanks to its technical knowledge and expertise in providing specific customer solutions, Lika Electronic has become one of the leading manufacturers of optical encoders and magnetic measurement systems worldwide.

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Lika programmable linear encoder

Lika's SME54 is a programmable linear encoder with a magnetic strip. The incremental linear encoder offers engineers a fully programmable solution. The resolution can be set in the range 1.25mm - 0.08μm along with the duration and count of the index mark direction. The SME54 incremental encoder offers full customizability, versatility and freedom for any type of industrial application. Configuration is possible via PC software.  

Dust, oil and liquid resistant (IP67)

Thanks to their robust frame and encapsulated electronics, the linear encoders are optimally protected against dust, oil, liquids, contamination, shock and vibration (IP67 protection). The large allowable tolerances and air gap (up to 2 mm) allows easy installation and minimum assembly time. They generate quadrature signals with inverted signals and index signals via Push-Pull (HTL) and Line Driver (TTL) output circuits and feature diagnostic LEDs as standard. Read more about linear encoders.


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SME54 programmable linear encoder - Lika Electronic
Pull-wire encoders and pull-wire encoders - Lika Electronic

Pull-wire encoders

A pull-wire encoder is a measurement system consisting of two components integrated into one system. It can be optical or magnetic, with incremental, absolute or analog outputs. (A potentiometer can also be incorporated). 

The (pull) wire is wound into a spring-loaded coil unit. The pull wire is then pulled out and rewound during operation. The stainless steel wire is attached to a moving shaft that is measured. The encoder is coupled to the winder unit. So as the wire moves back and forth, the encoder is rotated. Read more about Pull-wire encoders


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Fieldbus encoders - Lika Electronic

A fieldbus or fieldbus is an industrial, digital bus for controlling machines and processes. There are major differences between fieldbus standards. Different fieldbuses are not always compatible with each other and often emphasize different functionalities.

Applications range from conveyor belts and manufacturing facilities to mobile equipment, medical equipment, wind turbines and solar panels. Examples of fieldbus networks include: Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet. 


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Fieldbus encoders - Lika Electronic

Absolute and incremental encoders - Lika Electronic

IXD accelerometer

Monitoring vibration and shock levels of heavy industrial applications

For machines where accurate control of G-forces, vibration and shock levels is required, Lika IXD accelerometers can be used. These accelerometers are suitable for both 2- and 3-dimensional measurement in different ranges of ±2g, ±3g and ±16g.

Typically, acceleration sensors are used in heavy industrial applications. IXD sensors are compact, rugged and with a protection rating of IP67. They are designed with a sturdy metal housing. 


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IXD accelerometer - Lika Electronic
SMLAX rotary encoder - Lika Electronic

SMLAX rotary encoder with absolute and incremental sensing and processing electronics - lika

Lika Electronic's SMLAX rotary encoder features both absolute and incremental sensing and processing electronics in one package. For example, the absolute position information can be used to detect the position of the stator/rotor when starting the motor, while the incremental information enables speed control.SMLAX is IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas and marked as suitable for Zone 2, Gas Group IIC and Temperature Class T3.

SMLAX rotary encoder features:

  • Absolute measurement system: 4-bit resolution (16,384 cpr)
  • SSI and BiSS interfaces
  • Incremental measurement system: up to 4,096 PPR
  • Temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • Degree of protection: IP67


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Absolute encoder without roller bearings - IP69K - Lika Electronic

In applications with limited space, Lika's SMAB absolute encoder offers the solution. With the flat magnetic ring with large hollow shaft diameter of 80mm, the absolute encoder is extremely suitable for extreme environments. The encoder features an SSI interface. In addition to standard functions such as zeroing and direction of rotation, an error message is also available. The integrated LED signals correct operation and air gap compliance.

IP69K sealing degree 

Lika's SMAB absolute encoder uses a magnetic measurement method. Magnetic technology is wear- and maintenance-free and are highly immune to external influences such as light, dust, water, contamination and oil. In this way, absolute encoders with magnetic technology achieve protection levels of IP67 and IP69K and operate reliably in the harshest industrial environments. Read more about absolute encoders SMAB.


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Absolute encoder without roller bearings - SMAB - Lika Electronic
XC77 explosion-proof encoders - Lika Electronics

Explosion-proof encoders - ATEX - Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 - Lika Electronic

Lika's ATEX encoders are equipped with Ø58 mm with solid and hollow shaft. Ø58 mm and Ø77 mm are suitable for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. The ATEX encoders have an integrated fieldbus interface. Lika has the following ATEX encoders: IX58, CX58, XC77, XAC77, XAC77 PB and the XAC77 CB.

ATEX encoders

ATEX does not mean not flexible! Lika Electronic developed a complete range of ATEX certified encoders equipped with airtight and flameproof enclosures suitable for use in both gas and dust hazardous environments. They are robust and operate safely in hazardous and harsh environments while being extensively adaptable so that they can be used in a wide variety of applications. 


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Lika absolute encoder

The ASC85 absolute singleturn encoder is Lika's flagship with hollow through-axis and very high resolution and accuracy. The absolute encoder uses optical technology and the housing diameter is Ø 87 mm. The encoder has a maximum resolution of 25 Bit and has and BiSS-C and SSI output. 

Scope of application ASC85

The encoder is ideal for high precision position control in demanding applications such as robotics, radar and antennas, military applications and advanced general industrial applications. 

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lika absolute encoder
Lika RD6 positioning motor

Lika RD6 positioning motor

The RD6 positioning motor ensures the correct spindle position through its built-in absolute encoder and drive unit.

The adjustment motor is mounted on positioning spindles to allow automatic adjustment.

This greatly reduces set-up time on machines (e.g., packaging machines, cartoning machines), increasing machine profitability. 


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CB50 rotary encoder - Lika electronic

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