MIXO module for high-performance energy storage 

ILME CX 01 YAMIXO module for high power storage - ILME CX 01 YA

To serve the growing market of energy transition, which requires high power combined with compactness, the integration of power systems and relevant cable assemblies must be safe, cost-effective and space-saving.

ILME presents its own solution, the CX 01 YAF/M high-power MIXO module, designed to take up as little space as possible while still guaranteeing 200 A of power.

The unique feature of this new module is the special insulating cover plate:

  • Offers the possibility to connect pre-insulated DIN 46235 cable lugs
  • Prevents unintentional contact between cable lugs of adjacent modules 

The result is a compact 90° connection, which does not require the bending of large diameter wires (up to 70 mm2), with the same voltage rating (1000 V) as the standard 200 A crimp module. Read more about ILME MIXO.


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